Matt Fink Enters NCAA Transfer Portal

USC quarterback Matt Fink has entered the NCAA transfer portal. He is scheduled to graduate in May and will not need to sit out at another school.

It’s a smart move by Fink. He has shown he can play in brief stints and let’s be brutally honest: He knows the QB derby could be rigged by the fact Clay Helton desperately wants JT Daniels to start.

So why stick around if he can play somewhere else?

Remember last week when it was said the quarterbacks would meet with the coaches and find out where they stood? Fink didn’t bother to wait and made his own play. Good for him.

This means Kedon Slovis will need to go on road trips now as the No. 3 QB.


14 thoughts on “Matt Fink Enters NCAA Transfer Portal

    1. According to sources, Fink decided to transfer when he didn’t get a invite to the “Pizza Party” thrown by JT Daniel’s daddy. Fink’s daddy also threw a Ice Cream social for his son and invited Sears and Slovis. Slovis and Sears threw a hissy fit to their daddies saying they want a party too. Sears’ dad and Slovis’ daddy are considering pulling their sons from southern cal.

      Helton has notified Ben Griffiths the “Australian Punter”, to handle back up QB duties.



  1. Flow, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Fink didn’t “make his own play.” I’m gonna guess the coaches were (hopefully) brutally honest with all the QB’s in the “competition,” including Fink, and he then made his decision to transfer not seeing a way to crack the starting line up. Best of luck to Fink.

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  2. That’s the best decision Matt Fink could have made, and I hope Jack Sears is next. Because as long as Clay Helton is ass sucking JT Daniels, those quarterbacks need to go start somewhere else as oppose to rotting on the bench. Bravo 👏 for Finks, he’ll end up with a much better coaching staff then the clown 🤡 Head Coach he has now, and will certainly develop into the best quarterback he can be .. Next up.. Jack Sears

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  3. He is getting a $200,000 USC degree. He has two years left of play and he can get his masters. He is not NFL material. He wont take up needed reps from potential starters in the Fall. Bryce Young coming next year. Its win-win all the way.

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  4. good for him, he will wind up with his degree,plus an advanced degree and also start for a good program and he will get an nfl shot…helton/harrell and company just lost the season…for sure.
    Sears is better than jt, but that is not enough to win 10,or Pac12


  5. He’s also better suited for a lower level of football. Let’s be honest here and not pretend he’d start if SC were lead by competent coaches.


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