The Pac-12 Network’s Purpose Is Not To Make Money

The Pac-12 has something in common with USC. It likes to lecture the public instead of trying to work together.

Here’s Mark Shuken, the Pac-12 Network president, telling Sports Business Journal the network’s goal is not to make money but to  “amplify student-athletes and their experiences.”

And here everyone thought the goal was to make money. Or if you DirecTV, not watch it.

  • Just as I predicted, the fanboy pundits procleimed the hiring of Spencer Harris of Fresno State to be USC’s new recruiting director a “home run.”

I wasn’t critical of Harris I just  I don’t really care who is the recruiting director. It was the same thing with Aaron Ausmus being hired as strength coach. The fan boys know nothing about him but declare it a home-run hire.

4 thoughts on “The Pac-12 Network’s Purpose Is Not To Make Money

  1. To state that the PAC 12 network goal is not to make money is just unthinkable. I can’t wrap my head around that statement. What is tarnasion are they in business then? What about financial payment to the schools? What about TV growth? What about the pencil neck geek commissioner not doing his job and collecting $6 mil? What about the fudicidary duty to have the network grow in ratings, tv coverage, and revenue? the AD’s need to fire these turkeys or we can keel haul them. I like the keel hauling a lot better than firing. We can place this on the PAC 12 network and just explain it is to amplify the student athletes experience. Run them under an aircraft carrier. No scuba tanks, they just have to hold their breath. Go length instead of width. Now, that would be a profit making show.

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  2. The Pac 12 Network’s goal is to make as much money as possible for each overpaid and underworked lazy, stupid, visionless incompetent employee and live in the lap of luxury.

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  3. So as I said yesterday the hire of a professional from a California is a good hire. He knows the area and has recruited here. But if that makes me a fanboy fine. I don’t mind being abused by the trolls like Rents, because that’s their job.
    Scott on the other hand is supposed to be a journalist and above name calling. So I will take exception to his tone and remove myself from his unprofessional environment

    Thanks for the memories let me know when you get a grip.


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