Andy Enfield Gives Out MVP Award

USC held its basketball banquet last night and Andy Enfield named Bennie Boatwright the MVP.

Why is that unusual? Because Enfield did not give out the Sam Barry Award (MVP) from 2015-17. And he never gave an explanation either. I’m a little surprised Nick Rakocevic got most improved but I guess there were only around six players left on the current roster so not many options.

Here are the other award winners:

Sam Barry Award Most Valuable Player Bennie Boatwright
The Harold Jones Award Most Improved Nick Rakocevic
Bob Boyd Award Top Rebounder Nick Rakocevic
Ryan Francis Scholarship Award Example of Being a Trojan McKay Anderson
Bill Sharman Award Top FT Percentage Elijah Weaver
Forrest F. Twogood Award Best Defensive Player Jonah Mathews
Dr. James Zumberge Award Top GPA McKay Anderson
John Rudometkin Award 110% Effort Shaqquan Aaron

6 thoughts on “Andy Enfield Gives Out MVP Award

  1. Only at southern Cal a player who didn’t rebound didn’t play defense, couldn’t hit free throws, didn’t give 110% or go to class win the MVP!!

    If only Bennie would have sodomized somebody and jumped off a balcony to get away from the police…. He would be the greatest trOJan of all time!



    1. If only ‘the peckerwood’ was still with us ….he and nellie’ cuddling in that 52 Studebaker Hawk and ‘along came Sam’….sweetest thing for Sam what with ‘Rosie’ in tow …. Sam knew a putz when he saw it along with the ‘go between’ JD Morgan…..

      Come on back end of donkeys you can still be relevant in 2019….1 title in 45 years…hey that’s a statement of prowess.

      “I have a clear conscience….Roy Firestone runs cover for me


      1. Is it true, Commie Lush, that Jesus was avid, practicing coprophagic?

        No wonder Commie Lush you’re always so stinking FOS.

        #Gobble, gobble, gobble huh Commie Lush


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