Coliseum Tower’s Identity Looks Complete

The Coliseum Tower looks like most of its structure is completed and I have to say I’m unimpressed. Maybe it will look a lot nicer (like below) when it is completed and there are fans. But right now it has little character and looks out of place.

I’m sure the suites will be fantastic if you can afford them. But what does this superstructure add to the Coliseum?

Nothing. Just as USC’s athletic dept. wanted it. Because the only purpose is to make money. USC officials have told me the tower will not be obtrusive or ruin the look of the stadium from the outside. Hopefully they are right.

But this doesn’t look like a great addition at the moment.



18 thoughts on “Coliseum Tower’s Identity Looks Complete

  1. What a surprise, Wolf doesn’t like the Coliseum. The question is what does Wolf like? He would bitch about a cure for cancer. What a miserable existence he leads.

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    1. I remember when wolf won the lottery and complained about having to go down and collect the money….

      Hey Linkster here’s something a little different..Stones & Brad Paisley singing “dead flowers”

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      1. Take me down little Suzie – very tasty. Nice soul by Keith or Ron. Always liked the Stones. First saw them @ 1969 at Hollywood Bowl.

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      2. Linkster —The Stones played at the Forum on November 8, 1969 —I was taking the LSAT at USC on the same day (this was before the days when you paid other people to do it for you) and I realized I was going to have to leave the exam early to get to the Forum in time to see the warm up (Ike and Tina Turner)….. I figured I’d be blowing about 50 points by leaving….

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    2. He isn’t the only one. They should have saved the peristyle, blown up the rest of the 100 year old relic and put in a state of the art Jerry’s World style stadium. This is a fitting legacy of the Reign of Error of former AD Pat Haden.

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  2. It’s a clumsy looking blob, squatting on the side of the grand old stadium like an obese SC booster taking a shit. Look, if you’re a real college football fan you love being out in the crowd, part of the game. If you’re an elitist fair weather fan you want a hermetically sealed “lounge” where you can watch the game on TV while pretending to give a damn.

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  3. What a mess. Serves the State and County right for allowing USC to destroy an historic monument and build this monstrosity.


  4. “Maybe it will look a lot nicer (like below) when it is completed and there are fans.”


    Are you delusional?

    Gomer is an idiot and has destroyed SC….the past fans are not idiots!


  5. It’s been a bit since I have been in the colosseum, but it certainly could use upgrades. I’m all for nostalgia and history, but I’m more for close by bathrooms, concessions, and better in game experiences.

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  6. I won’t ever be attending any events ,at this once fine stadium …went to dozens in 50′ 60’s and some in 70’s -90’s…live in Virginia now…this addition is on the ugly side for my taste, like a giant wart. So, it does fit in with the current football program and its head coach and direction he has been moving a once fine program.

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  7. Scooter,

    You don’t have to worry about the looks on the outside. What the fans have to worry are the looks inside. It looks like someone just castrated the coliseum and placed a big toilet in. It made me move. Pat Haden needs another 5 minutes in purgatory for this disaster.

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