USC Raises Rent From $2,000 To $19,000 For City Baseball Playoffs

The City Section usually holds its baseball semifinal playoff games at Dedeaux Field.

But not this year, according to the L.A. Times. The rent just went from $2,000 to $19,000.

I thought USC used to want to be a good neighbor? The City Section used to rent Dedeaux Field through the athletic dept. but now the university administration handles it. Amazing.

UPDATED: The TImes changed its story to say the City Section paid $4,000 for four days of use last year. USC wanted $18,285 for three days this year.

Here’s an idea: If Lynn Swann makes $3.5 million a year, the $18,285 is about two days of work for him. So why doesn’t he pay it?


25 thoughts on “USC Raises Rent From $2,000 To $19,000 For City Baseball Playoffs

    1. Hey we have to pay for the girls groped by Dr. Tyndall, for the overpayment of Swann and Helton, for the lawsuits that are to come due to admitting Olivia Jade and her bimbo sister and friends while leaving more deserving students out to dry. If the whole student body got their tuition raised $2k to pay for these liabilities, what’s raising field rental $17k on the corrupt school district? Why is Scott surprised?

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  1. This is sickening. As a USC alum ’91 it saddens me that the Athletic Department did this. They should be supporting the City Section not displacing them. Very sad.

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      1. Those asses at bel-air tech don’t even have an ‘on-campus’ baseball stadium and the one they use no one else wants to use….if only the peckerwood could be resurrected … what an honor to be a flunkie addict to his con by being deigned worth to stand guard over the ‘Lenin’ tomb mock-up of grandpa from Hell’s study on campus no less…the honor!

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    1. Pudly —I’ve seen lots of great trailers for movies—–sometimes I wind up liking the film, sometimes the trailer is better than the movie. Fresno State game will tell us everything we need to know about the 2019 movie we’ve all been waiting for, the one entitled “Return of the King.” Agreed?

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      1. Yep. Tedford is an old school coach who’ll have his team as ready as it can be….

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    2. Well, I’d say that’s pretty standard for 18 – 22 yr olds anywhere at any credible program’s gym….they can build and lift a lot more at their age then they can 10 yrs. 20 yrs hence etc…..I’m hoping this was the regimen prior to this new DO but we all know it wasn’t.

      Just another reason to send this clown Helton out asap.


      1. gt —-Ha! Yep. Washington State IS the worst in Pac 12. By far. [That’s why we MIGHT get the sweep and be .500 for a little while].


  2. SC target

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  3. Yo Pusley rips Owns a new one…….

    “Nor your ignorance. Either when it comes to SC or reality.”

    Pusley, SUCCX idiot savant FB mascot.


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