USC Morning Buzz: Lynn Swann Wants You To Know He Works Hard

Did Lynn Swann really think it sounds plausible that he has played only three rounds of golf as a member of Wilshire Country Club in the past 365 days?

The doublespeak of his interview with the Athletic is standard for Swann, who tried to make himself sound like the hardest working A.D. in the country.

“Even this weekend, it was one day at the women’s golf Pac-12 championship at Palos Verdes. It’s staff meetings in the morning before that. It’s flying up to San Jose, watching the men’s team because golf reports to me directly. Watching the men in competition there, flying back in time for a head coaches’ staff meeting. A couple meetings after that, then going up to Palos Verdes to present the trophy for the women’s golf team. Then the basketball banquet that night, so you’re home at 9 p.m. That’s not a job, that’s kind of a lifestyle.”

He really makes his job sound hard. Keep in mind he missed five sports events at USC the day he was signing autographs in Virginia.

Swann hasn’t done a lot of interviews lately so the fact he agreed to sit with the Athletic tells me two things:

  1. He is unhappy with the way he is being portrayed in the media and wanted to rebut the criticism.
  2. Someone in the athletic dept. probably gently suggested he do an interview to combat the negative press.

15 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Lynn Swann Wants You To Know He Works Hard

  1. Isn’t it sad that one of the great traditions in college football history is in the hands of an incompetent unqualified lazy, idiot? Lynn Swann has one year left on his contract from what I understand, so if the new president is everything she’s cracked up to be, then she’ll hire an experienced Athletic director with a history of success, and impressive resume. And if Swann’s contract is renewed, then Carol Fault is totally oblivious as to what’s really going on, and the athletic administration is no better off under her, then it was under Max Nikias .

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  2. “Someone [i.e., a friend] gently suggested Swann do an interview to IMPROVE his image”….????? Will ANYONE reading that interview say to themselves, “USC has one smart cookie for an Athletic Director”….????

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  3. This morning’s Times – CA section has a telling article about the legal moves by defensive counsel for the those accused per the admittance scandal. Seems the feds “…have asked a judge to curtail by whom and where the evidence can be viewed because it contains sensitive personal information and the names of people who are targets of the investigation but have yet to be charged….”

    Heinel’s counsel – Lisa Marino – “This laughably cannot qualify as a reason to deny Ms. Heinel, a 59 yr old woman with no criminal history who stands accused of a nonviolent, white-collar offense, her rightful access to discovery.”

    Heinel is finished but it does beg the question just who is that bigger fish the feds have yet to ‘present’, who ponied up a cool $6.5 million to Singer et. al.?

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      1. The feds won’t give up anything they don’t want to, Alv —-and the judge won’t ask them to—-best thing for Heinel is to refuse to waive time, get a trial date and, then, ask for a dismissal cuz she doesn’t have the discovery she needs to defend action…..


      1. They’re guilty ‘but’ this smells a lot like a typical federal witch hunt especially in the ‘class war’ climate the political wars are waging….if this is the intent it is all the more reason why the feds don’t want to have any others know who they – the feds – are targeting that has yet to be disclosed…..again who is the $6.5 million man/woman the feds have yet to unveil? Betting it is a well known national figure and a power broker to boot….pressure to conceal being brought to bear to ‘hide’…..what’s in your wallet fed boy? What politico are you being pressured to ‘sit on’ and ‘why’?

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      2. Alv —This whole mess will be traced back to President Obama….


      3. Good stuff Pudly!! You’ve got more Inside USC stuff than SW. I have to disagree with rusoviet however that the feds are going after them because of their wealth, class, and power. The feds are after them because they got caught gaming a system that is supposed to be based on merit. There are lots of 1%ers that are not indicted because they got their kids into elite schools the old fashioned way by donating lots of money (Dr. Dre). A transparent transaction-I give the school $$, and my kids go here. But to do what Aunt Becky and her Bimbo daughter’s did (photo shopping athletic accomplishment, falsifying SAT scores, etc) is just fraudulent. The feds should go after the kids if they knowingly participated in the fraudulent actions. I am a rock solid Reagan conservative, and this does not appear to be a witch hunt on the rich and powerful.

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      4. Interesting perspective. I’m wondering how you view the sentencing guidelines in these cases. I know OAC has started ranting of the racist bent for only giving Huffman 4-10 mos. Of course the Massimo family is looking at 5-10 yrs. for this pay to play scheme.


  4. Understand ‘Parkway’ (calabasas) yes you’re right of what prompted this full press. I do stand down on my claim of some ‘uber’ effort. I am still wondering – after it was first revealed in the Times 2 weeks ago tomorrow that slip by the fed spokesperson of that huge $6.5 mil outlay. Funny no mention on why or where that missing link is leading and more importantly, who else is being ‘held back’ before publicly being exposed as ‘gotcha’.

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