Remember Kris Hutson? He Committed To Oregon

Wide receiver Kris Hutson of St. John Bosco committed to USC last year. Then he decommitted and said “I could always fall back on USC.”

Well, he committed to Oregon today.

This gives the Ducks another highly rated player from Southern California.

Can you believe he doesn’t want to join the Air Raid offense of Graham Harrell? I mean there is a segment of fans who think Harrell is the chosen one before he has even called a single game at USC. And they don’t care that the Air Raid has never won a national title. That’s how USC is from being in the conversation.

Maybe Hutson will give USC another look if they replace Clay Helton. But that would require Lynn Swann to do his job.

P.S. — The Ducks also got a commitment from Jaden Navarrette of Norco. If he sounds familiar, it’s because he committed to LSU last week.

Meanwhile, wide receivre Jermaine Burton of Calabasas committed to LSU today. USC didn’t even offer him.


7 thoughts on “Remember Kris Hutson? He Committed To Oregon

  1. scottie playin the “sky is falling” game!

    I’m curious scottie how many scholarships we’ll be handing out next year? Is it possible that there are more players in SoCal than rides available? Hmm, then that would probably mean we can’t take all the kids even if we wanted to.
    And as far as Navarette goes, I’m doubting he’ll be the only one to flip this year. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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    1. Pudly —I shudder to think how many of our friends from the old blog gave up on sports (and perhaps life itself) after reading one too many litanies of high school football players not going to USC.
      Speaking of which —what happened to Jack B.??? Is he here under a new name? Wait a second! Are YOU Jack B.?

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      1. Next time Jack B. “visits” that other site please ask —-nay, demand —-that he return to this site….

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  2. ‘SC probably dropped the ball with a few of these kids. But is it also possible that the coaches saw character flaws or some other red flag in some of them (like Matt Corral last year) and cooled on them or did not offer at all?


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