USC’s Recruiting Footprints Are Hard To Find

In the past two days, a trio of four-star prospects from Southern California have committed to someplace not called USC.

Wide receiver Kris Hutson picked Oregon.

Wide receiver Jermaine Burton picked LSU.

Linebacker/tight end Jaden Navarrette picked Oregon.

Now it is conceivable USC did not want these guys although Hutson originally committed to USC. And Navarrette has now committed to two schools not named USC.

I was told USC would aggresively recruit with the new coaching staff. Maybe they are but right now they look as lost as the previous staff.


9 thoughts on “USC’s Recruiting Footprints Are Hard To Find

      1. This must be one O. Messina’s blockbuster videos staring Pusley as a horny, perverted rabbit with a yen for fowl.



  1. Just out of curiosity, why do you spend so much time posting on here? Just like the previous blog. Why???!!? You have to have some mental disease and obsession over USC. Or you are sick and love to try to rile people up. Either way, you ARE sick. I don’t get it. I can’t stand the bRuins but I don’t post on their blogs. I assume you are a liberal left wing nutcase, and that would make sense as the liberals have mental disorders. You certainly do. USC fans want to come here and discuss USC without IDIOTS like you trolling the place.


    1. Well said Ray. Owns is a weirdo all right. He was all in for HRC and is now pounding his pud for Bernie. He fits in well with ucla but of course did not attend. Cerritos does not have a blog so he spews his left wing blather on us. Owns is a pagan, but one who is so easy to see through and make fun of. Happy Easter Owns, oh that’s right….


    2. So being a liberal makes me a nutcase? I dont agree with a lot of conservatives but still refrain from throwing stones, amigo.


    3. The real nut case is you, Ray. Liberals have a heart not like the ultra
      conservative sick o’s like yourself. Sorry you are a Trojan follower.
      I dislike immensely ‘ruin athletics, but try to leave politics out of the
      equation until a post like yours appears. Do agree to post only on
      your own team’s blog with no religious bullshit, political agenda, and
      players disparities.


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