USC Quick Thought

If you are in the camp that believes the USC director of recruiting or player personnel is so important, then how do you explain four-star wide receiver Jermaine Burton of Calabasas not getting offered? And Calabasas freshman WR Larry Turner-Gooden has offers from three SEC schools but not USC.

The previous recruiting guys, Eric Ziskin and Alex Rios, had good reputations so I wouldn’t blame them. And do you think the new guy, Spencer Harris, would make a difference in these cases? C’mon.

These guys have very limited influence. The program is sideways because of Clay Helton and Co. So don’t let any pundits convince you some Punky Brewster is going to make a huge difference in recruiting.


3 thoughts on “USC Quick Thought

  1. I liked the Punky Brewster reference cuz it was so mean.
    I heard a rumor that the USC baseball team actually played last place Washington State to a TIE. Is this possible?

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  2. USC (Helton) will repeat itself (himself). SC will start JTD and will be 1-5 after the Notre Dame game. JTD will average 300/yards/game but 1 TD and 1 INT/game.


    1. If that occurs then: 1. Daniels will be on the bench and 2. Helton is definitely not going to see December…3. not sure what happens to Harrell unless he can distance himself from that record.


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