USC QB Spin War

I’m not sure why this is being highlighted but this is the second tweet in a week to mention JT Daniels being pitcured with his teammates.

Someone already mentioned his father put together the first meeting. Now if you read the comments of the tweet below, it says Jack Sears needs a better PR firm to compete with Daniels. Does Daniels have a PR firm? Is that how you win the job? With a PR firm?


18 thoughts on “USC QB Spin War

  1. Thank you, Scott —if this can’t generate some chatter, probably nothing will! But, if it doesn’t, maybe the following observation will do the trick —- here goes —-
    It’s so nice to see that one of the two major universities in Los Angeles unselfishly gives back to the community. If UCLA even tried to do something “unselfish”, I bet they’d spoil it by taking photos of themselves……

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    1. If you say so MG.

      BTW MG, I’m reliably informed the pictured bozo painting crew had just finished painting over wall gang graffiti and tagging in the lobby of the Al Cowling Building. It seems every thirty days Helton has to appoint a painting crew to scrap and repaint the AC Building’s lobby walls.

      MG, would you mind explaining the reason behind Clown U’s naked greed City Baseball playoff’s rent inflation. C’mon MG, split some hairs in favor of SUCCX cupidity. I bet Pusley can help you.

      “USC Raises Rent From $2,000 To $19,000 For City Baseball Playoffs …”…/usc-raises-rent-from-2000-to-19000-for-city-baseball-playoff…



      1. Okay. Here goes, Owns. It’s actually very simple: USC is just, um, trying to keep up with inflation…..

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  2. I thought leadership during football games is what is needed from the q/b and team captains, etc…no wonder Matt left, who knew it wasn’t about football, guess we should have known .

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    1. Clown U, home to Daddykins coaching.

      Seems J.T.’s Ta Ta has replaced Coach Harrell with the main authority to determine who starts at QB.

      BTW, how is the 4 stars bozo recruit Daddykins Asst. BB coach working out for Andyain’twinning. Mr. Wolf never mentions the Daddykins highly paid wet nurse.


  3. Good article 2nd page of today’s LA Times …. Reggie Bush teaming up with Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn at Fox Sports as a counter to ESPN’s College Pre-game show. Host Rob Stone along with Urban Meyer (so much for coaching in 2019), Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn.

    Article by Arash Markazi goes into discussing USX has requested Bush be allowed to be directly associated with the campus/sports dept. three times – all rebuffed. It also cited that Chris Webber has been allowed to be reinstated at MI by the NCAA but not Bush.

    Quinn is a really sharp analyst and I would say the real draw is going to be his and Meyer’s back-and-forth with their ‘in game’ analysis. Going to be a bit tough competing with Mark May…Lou Holtz not much his age is telling.

    Best to Reggie and again that Quinn/Meyer matchup is going to be the ‘draw’

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  4. You don’t see self serving team separation with Alabama, Georgia, Texas, and a few other top college football teams, just the soft teams with zero leadership from the head coach. Helton is so gutless, and weak, It’s not surprising that one of the parents is manipulating, and running the off-season show. I’m thinking a Nick Saban, and a Kirby Smart wouldn’t allow this nonsense to take place on their teams

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    1. Pud that quote is directly from Markazi’s interview the Times printed today…..nothing will change with that lazy clown Swann. He’d never have the nerve to go up against the corrupt NCAA…it’s one of the reasons Haden chose him. Pat Haden didn’t want anyone following him with who had the stones to do what he (Haden) repeatedly failed to do.

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      1. It’s actually a direct link to the article for those who hadn’t seen it yet…and yeah, it’s time to push the ncaa out of our business. Who the school recognizes and how is our own business.

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  5. Pud I was thinking the same thing i.e. NCAA…..remember when they lost that court case 30+ yrs. ago that broke the restriction of telecasts of football games and boom here comes ESPN et. al. and the explosion of interest across the land….Bush and USC have been slammed far worse than what PA St (Paterno) Miami (Dee) MI St, Louisville, NC, on and on – no blowback for them mah just USC

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    1. J. T. follows a different rule of thumb than Marinovich: Never push the Head Coach around on the sidelines —–even if the coach is named Helton.


    2. Sather Gate you don’t like me…I get it but understand you truly have no idea and I mean no idea, no one and I mean no one was as big a ‘blank’ hole as a father as Todd Maranovich’s Marv Maranovich father was to him….He would never/ever do for Todd what ‘entitlement’ Daniels daddy does for him.


      1. On a personal level Beauregard,
        That’s only partially true. You’re OK when the bottle has a cork in it.



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