USC’s Captain Choices Are Revealing

Did you buy the media spin back in April about JT Daniels becoming a leader?

In August, offensive coordinator Graham Harrell said Daniels took big steps in becoming a leader.

And yet when USC elected its captains, the players chose Michael Pittman, Jordan Iosefa, John Houston and Christian Rector.

You might say Daniels is only a sophomore so being elected captain is a far-fetched idea. But . . .

Sam Darnold was a captain as a sophomore in 2017.

Matt Barkley was a captain as a sophomore in 2010.

This will irritate some people, but it’s pretty widely accepted within the team that if Jack Sears was the starter, he would have been named a captain.

35 thoughts on “USC’s Captain Choices Are Revealing

  1. This could be much ado about nothing —but I hope Scott isn’t right about this one. Given what happened last year, given the criticism of Helton and J. T. —it would have represented a nice show of unity and support for the team to make J. T. a captain. What’s worse is the interviews with receivers on the subject of J.T. getting the job all go like this: “They were ALL good. Sears was a class act. I can work with anyone, though.” I wish there were more enthusiasm for Helton’s pick —because I think it’s a good pick…

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    1. You think he’s a good pick, based on what ?
      He can’t make reads quickly
      He’s timid
      He can’t run
      He locks on to one WR
      He throws up one hail mary after another
      He’s not a leader
      He got the job because his head coach is dumber than a box of rocks

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      1. Buddha,

        U forgot that he throws off his back foot, over throws, under throws, can’t read coverage, is slow to decider where to go with the ball, can’t run, oh u said that, and laughs after losing

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    2. when you start of with hellton and use ‘good pick’ in the same sentence…I completely shut down . what has hellton done ‘picked’ that has to do with ‘good’ as a head coach…skip practices, promote no pads…fresh legs …and wait ’til November…pick coaches who can’t coach just like he can’t…but wave at us as you go down with this sinking former titanic football powerhouse…there is no joy in troy…I can’t wait ’til Nov .


    1. With our OL, he might want to start a RB at QB since Chuck and Duck won’t be able to outrun the DL and LB’s coming after his small slow ass

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  2. The other thing is that it’s three on defense and one on offense. Some other coaches usually try to even things up by saying two from each side of the ball. Not usually a big deal but picking only one captain from the O might signal that the group hasn’t really meshed together as a group yet.



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  3. Flow, correct on Barkley, but incorrect on Darnold. Maybe some investigating or actual knowledge before trying to spin it your way. Darnold was a REDSHIRT sophomore in 2017. That would be his third year in the program. And after his 2016 finish, who wouldn’t want that guy as their captain? Flow, you’re welcome.

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      1. Michael…..not a hater but you are correct…..if he can lead…..not follow……. this team to a victory over Stanford/Utah should generate some respect.
        I don’t expect it to happen…..but if it happens……a win with zero intercepts and several throwing TD’s against one of the better teams should provide him some cover.

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      2. Fred —I don’t think we don’t match up that great against Utah (in fact, I think we have better chances against Washington and Notre Dame) —but, I agree with you, if J. T. can’t beat Fresno and Stanford, tebow is gonna be the one who “generates some respect”…

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      3. P. S.
        Fred —sorry for the double negative in that first sentence. I cannot carry on a conversation with my wife and type at the same time the way I used to….

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      4. So,if one believes ‘jt’ really isn’t the best choice at this time…they are haters?
        You have some really warped standards…what about last yr? what about that center ‘I love him’ BS and the ball was all over the place…is it hate to want a real center? WE need a real q/b for this team as it is now…not physical , not able to support a running attack, or barely give a q/b who cannot run time to find an open receiver…is that hate? JT will not get 1st downs when the ‘O’ line breaks down.
        Hellton again has not prepared this team with his ‘just liker last yr’ softer than marsh mellow philosophy


    1. That’s the great thing about football. Daniels can go out there and silence all the critics with achievement, not cronyism or someone else’s opinion. Let’s root for him to do so beginning this Saturday.

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      1. Yep. So well said, gt. Football isn’t like my profession (law) or politics —where folks can twist things any which way and say “Look —isn’t that beautiful?!” In football, you play a game for 60 minutes and, at the end, somebody’s the clear cut winner and somebody’s the clear cut loser. J. T. is gonna get his shot at redemption on Saturday —-and, after the game is over, there won’t be ANY room for spin. He either pulled it off or he didn’t.


      2. Daniels can do his part and silence the critics with a great game but that doesn’t guarantee a win.

        The defense has to step up. I can’t reiterate that enough. J.T. can air it out and go for 350+ but if the D doesn’t hold up their end it will be all for naught.



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  4. 24 hrs until the dust settles & Drevno either passes or fails to keep Daniels in 1pc & the Fresno St Fighting Tedfords off his arse.



    1. If you and I can see it coming ….and Drevno can’t find a way of protecting J. T.from it —— Clay and Drevno will deserve everything ESPN, the L. A. Times ….and, yes, even tebow has to say about them when the dust settles.


  5. Let’s face it, a local high school had a more accomplished offensive line than SC did. It started the year prior to Darnald’s departure. His second year was duck and cover for him. High School didn’t prepare Daniels for the lack of protection that he was thrown into. However, he prepared himself by picking up enough high school credit to graduate ahead of his class. Haters point out he was held back, but that is in his parents not him. I want to see what a better line will do for this kid. I want to see the kid moving a rag tag offense down the field during the Army all star game. If doesn’t show up we’ll know by the end of the first quarter. Harrell will know also. Sears isn’t gone if he’s the chosen one, he’ll be back before the end of the game.

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  6. J. T. will be fine, Steve…..we won’t be needing Sears.


  7. if people are picking a win over FSU as a barometer for a great yr they are as dumb as a rock. WKU was also coming off a great yr last yr. BUT LOSING TO EITHER ? That is a good predictor just as barely winning . WHERE is that ‘I told you so’ button? I agree with Wolf’s premise.


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