JT Daniels Expands His Team

The Los Angeles Times has a big story on JT Daniels and the takeaway is he spent $1,500 for blood tests to determine he needs more lycene and beta-carotene. And his body rejects milk.

He also has a life coach. Or maybe he isn’t a life coach. It’s hard to keep track of his consultants and coaches. Read the story below.


25 thoughts on “JT Daniels Expands His Team

    1. According to sources, Todd Marinovich is his southern cal Alumni style life coach. They’ve been busy looking for the real Simpson killer while running naked through back yards with brown paper bag with weed, fentanyl and oxycontin. Next week they are schedule to jump off a balcony while fleeing from the police and car jack a chinese student with a knife. Later in the counseling, Marinovich has scheduled Osa Masina to coach the art of sodomizing a drugged out teammate. Marinovich said “JT is the finest southern cal alumni candidate that I’ve ever seen”

      #OsaOJBriceDixon&JT #JayShawJosephLewisdidn’tmakethelist


  1. A ‘life coach’? If that is accurate this kid has real issues. Having to phone someone and have them either ‘listen’ to your ‘fear’ or ‘direct you to your goal’. It’s a female-dominated scam industry – you know ‘Maryanne Williamson’ country – if true the kid missing a lot of cards in his mental deck.

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      1. The last Trojan QB to have a life coach (actually he had a “dream specialist”) was Sean Salisbury……. need I say more?

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      2. 67′ I posted below ‘after’ I read the entire article. I do believe this kid has the talent seriously not saying he’s going to win them all but he got a reality check last year in getting sacked and ill-thought passes. Biggest problem was that idiot Tee Martin and his ‘Sras catalog’ playbook and a fool head coach Helton who finally woke up and shelved Martin. Not saying the kid is better than Fink and the new kid but he isn’t as bad as many believe – it’s a very well written article and very fair – Wolf cherry picked, as we are all prone to do, to undergird his ‘slant’.


    1. Alv —The Las Vegas line went from USC by 2 touchdowns to even money the minute J. T. said, “Maryanne Williamson is helping me with my personal journey…”

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      1. Alv —I’m now (finally) resigned to passive acceptance of as many genders as L. A. Unified can invent —-but, when it comes to USC quarterbacks, I’m in favor of toxic masculinity.
        It’s fricking football. Don’t over-think it. Let loose and play the fricking game.

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  2. With all of J.T. Daniel’s outside consultants to help prepare him to be the best QB ever created, all he needs now is a cool nickname that rhymes with “weed” and have his flowing hair dyed red.



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      1. All I know and care about is that USC scored last.

        Add another 30 seconds or a minute to the game and I’m not sure USC stops UCLA from scoring again.



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      2. Regarding recruiting, back in the day the local high school players typically saw competitive SC-UCLA games (“the battle of Los Angeles”) and most preferred to play for one or the other. Everybody in town cared about the game.

        Today not so much. There have only been a handful of games in the last 20 years or so that have been competitive/surprising.

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  3. A life coach huh… guess his parents were just so busy that they ignored the kid.
    Damn what’s next… Is he going to have a coloring book on the ipad after his turnovers to destress??
    Perhaps he can pet Traveler on the nose and snuggle him also.
    Or they can have a quiet space on the bench for him…

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    1. I’m not saying he is a bad kid but that article is insanity. And let’s be honest, he wasn’t physically committed to being a D1 QB last year. – he basically says it in the story.

      He’s probably a smart kid who minds his own business off the field. But on the field he is open to criticism for how he performs at a D1 school. He is not a starting-quality D1 college QB until proven otherwise. Nor is the kid over at UCLA. Amazing that both schools can’t have a stud QB each year.

      Fresno will be a good rest tonight. I’m not sure they have the athletes on offense to score enough but they will play physically, much like Utah last year. Big test for the O-line and Daniels. He starts throwing off his back foot at the first sign of pressure and it will be all I need to see.

      It’s ok to wish the kid good luck but also call out his shortcomings on the field.

      The bigger issue or course is Helton – not fit to be a D1 college coach. Let’s hope Daniels plays well and stays healthy. He’s a college kid after all. But I suspect between him and Helton, we are 2 and 4 or 3 and 3 out of the gate. Prove me wrong and I will eat crow.

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  4. Putting all allusions aside about a “New Age” football quarterback (Buddhism, mindfulness, life coaching, vitamins, etc.), JTD may not be that well suited to be a football QB at the college level. He lacks the toughness of, say, Jack Sears or Matt Fink. Perhaps he would have been better suited as a baseball pitcher, where by now, he could have signed a six figure contract and had a year in the minor leagues progressing toward the big leagues. But he is apparently intoxicated with the lure of being a prima donna QB.

    He might look into the career path of Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs QB, who played college baseball and football at Texas Tech. Mahomes was a 3* going into college and a top baseball prospect. As a freshman, Mahomes threw for 598 yards and 6 TD’s against Baylor. He was a relief pitcher on the baseball team. We haven’t seen anything like that from JTD as yet. In his first season in 2014 Mahomes was in 7 games and completed 57% of his passes with 16 TD’s and only 4 intercepts. Mahomes is a master at the quick release pass for short yardage.

    But unlike Mahomes, JTD might be better suited for a hot dog and a bag of peanuts baseball rather than trendy vitamins and yoga football. If I were him (or his family) I would hedge my bets by playing some baseball.

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  5. I’m so glad football season is here.

    While reading that article in the El Segundo Times, I couldn’t help but wonder……did some reporter uncover this info or was it fed to him as a PR stunt? Daniels has ‘life coaches’ who work pro bono? Where’s that end up? Scientology?


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  6. If you read the entire article it is not as damning as Scott makes it out to be i.e. Daniels: skillset, training regimen, ‘reality check’ 2018, blood testing per percents of ‘average’ necessary markers,.

    Fact is, based on this very long article, I believe this kid may very well be primed for a truly ‘break out’ year. Much simpler:

    “….quit dissecting each variable throw it to the open receiver!” “You got hit and sacked and threw some bad passes for ints last year….your playbook was as thicjk as Paul hackett’s old one – a phone book. Tee Martin was a joke and he’s gone to wreck TN Volunteers future. Your front four isn’t fully tested but they’re close. You have remarkable gifted receivers. You have pressure from two aspiring qb’s and a 3rd one who left because of your perceived rigged ‘inside pass lane’. If you fail this year you’ll have no one to blame but yourself and you know it.”

    As to the ‘life coach’ well someone who Sabin and Pete Carroll both used says a lot about that guys skillset regardless of the perception – man up or go away but I do believe this kid is ready.


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