USC Releases Depth Chart

The USC depth chart is out: There are no real surprises. But Drew Richmond will start at right tackle while Jalen McKenzie starts at right guard. McKenzie spent training camp at right tackle. All this means Andrew Vorhees gets benched unless USC decides to platoon.

23 thoughts on “USC Releases Depth Chart

  1. Depth Chart or Death Chart?– For those buried on the chart it is death (to their football aspirations). Just ask the quarterback who entered the Portal.


    1. It’s too bad Helton didn’t have the balls to start Markese Stepp at tailback. He’s the jump start the running game needed. Now, more than ever, it’s all on J. T.

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      1. If, and that is a big IF, the team does well ( 4 wins minimum) through the first 6 six games, then I like him “ Stepping” in the 2nd half of the season and running all over tired opposing defenses – pun intended.Carr doesn’t have a good history of staying healthy, so having Stepp as a backup might not be the worst move as he will get plenty of work. Best case, Carr regains the fabulous form he displayed as a Frosh and Stepp provides a needed punch for the 2nd half (RBs in today’s game need to be managed for injuries).


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      2. Don’t bet on Carr being much of a help as an every down back, Arturo. He dances around too much and he gets taken down too easily —but if they use him the way New Orleans used Reggie Bush —as a pass catcher —he could really help us out this year….


      3. 67 —In effect, yes —Stepp (our biggest threat by far at tailback) is third string……

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      4. Helton will still not start the best players (Stepp). So where is the culture change? How can the team be competitive when the coach isn’t? At least Andrew Vorhees was bumped to second team and replaced by MacKenzie which was overdue. If JTD fails or is injured and Helton then starts Slovis over Fink that again risks demoralizing the team. And hey SC has a guy who runs a 4.3 forty (Christon) and another guy who runs an unbelievable 4.2 forty (Taylor Stuart), and neither of them are returning kickoffs? That is like Reggie Bush sitting on the bench.


  2. Looks like the Trojans are loaded with a bunch of Snowflake Emo’s.

    Probably due to Clay Helton constantly coddling his players and having them practice like a girls soccer team.

    The one constant with Helton coached teams…injuries.


    1. gt —Don’t be too surprised if Matt doesn’t save Helton’s ass at some point this season….

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    1. I always love reading Shaun Cody’s ‘winning tips.’ He’s a good guy and he understands what it takes to win.

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    2. That’s all the USC Bozo Rah Rah’s can do, is look in the mirror at past success, because there’s nothing for them in the present 😂😂 Kinda like the late Al Davis talking about the Raiders past Super Bowls, because the current team ain’t… SHIT!!!!


      1. Hey Pudly the Cock Sucker 76, I’m not a Bruin fan, but if I was, I’d still be laughing at the 200 plus yards a walk-on put on your Bitch, Clueless Clay last season for the loss 😂😂. Btw, did wifey’s mouth snap back into place? 😁


  3. Where’s the depth chart for the Athletic Director, and Head Football Coach ? Because I know of two Dumb Fucks who’d be buried on the bench .


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