If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

At least five Pac-12 schools have already reached out to USC quarterback Jack Sears, who will transfer after the completion of the fall semester.

The fact Pac-12 schools are interested in Sears demonstrates they see something in the sophomore QB that Clay Helton never did.

Helton’s motto is “Faith, Family and Football.” Well, he didn’t show any faith in Sears, didn’t treat him like family and only let him play football when the other two quarterbacks were injured.

It’s all talk with Helton.

  • Did you see Central Arkansas upset Western Kentucky, 35-28, to spoil the debut of Tyson Helton? Like brother, like brother, apparently.
  • Former USC cornerback Jack Jones forced a fumble and broke up a pass in Arizona State’s victory over Kent State last night.
  • Can you believe the Pac-12 has lost its past five games to American Athletic Conference teams and past five games to Mountain West Conference teams?

“We don’t hire the coaches. We don’t recruit the athletes. We don’t coach them. But sometimes we get blamed for the losses,” Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said Thursday in Portland.

He is utterly clueless. If his Pac-12 Network made more money, football would not be falling so far behind the SEC and Big Ten in revenue.

  • Ex-USC star Daylon McCutcheon‘s son, Dyson, was recently offered a scholarship by Arizona. Dyson is a junior cornerback at Bishop Amat.
  • Two restaurants in the University Village (The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker and Rance’s Chicago Pizza) filed a lawsuit against USC for promissory fraud, misrepresentation and breach of contract. The restaurants alleged USC promised students would be able to use dining dollars in their establishments and then reneged on the deal. Does it ever end?
  • USC basketball legend Cheryl Miller is out as women’s basketball coach at Cal State L.A. There is nary a word on the school’s website on her departure, which can’t be a good thing.
  • Last weekend, I wrote that former USC quarterback Bill Nelsen died in April. I asked former USC assistant coach Dave Levy about his former player: “He wasn’t a classic athlete and didn’t throw a tight spiral but he was a leader. He was very competitive and had a good, aggressive attitude.”
  • Nelsen was a member of the 1962 national championship team along with tailback Willie Brown. They also were both assistant coaches in Tampa Bay for John McKay. And both were eventually fired. That was not exactly unique for Tampa Bay assistants under McKay.
  • USC should finally release a depth chart around 12 p.m. today. Finally.
  • New USC president Carol Folt is the first president to meet with the Facilities Management staff, which handles maintenance, groundskeeping and construction according to the Daily Trojan.

24 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. In an unprecedented move, Helton names Jack Sears as the starter for Saturday’s game and JT Daniels has entered the transfer portal.

    Wow, just wow.


  2. I hope to see Jack Sears at Cal or Arizona State. And what’s the criteria for hiring football coaches theses days, what exactly are athletic directors looking for? Because Tyson Helton never displayed any type of leadership qualities, when he was at USC, is a matter of fact, their offense was comical. It seems like everyone is surprised that PAC 12 football is horrible, why ? Half the coaches have a Chip Kelly personality, as oppose to a Nick Saban. One would think, that if you’re going to imitate a football coach, then you’d pick one that has championship rings, not soft, finesse teams

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  3. Owns was last seen near the end of the Santa Monica pier after the ruins were officially eliminated from the college football national title for the 65th year in a row.

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    1. Not that rear end of a horse – he’s just waiting for:

      USC loss in any sport
      USC article (ie the restaurants in the University Village filing suit)
      Next great USC athlete to die so he can mock him

      He’ll hide for 36 hours and then stick his ‘woodpecker’ head out – truly the ‘rezidentura’ sewer snoid who has nothing in his life but his hate towards USC


  4. Inside ucla beat writer reporter some bruin players approached Kelly and asked him to go after Sears. Kelly’s responded by holding his hands together and saying his hands were tied.
    The beat writer also reported that Kelly is afraid of DTR’s dad.

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  5. ucla looked bad, but they beat Gomer last year so what does that say about SC’s chances with Gomer Bozo running the show ? Chipper looks like he doesn’t care, but college football has caught on to his gimmicky offense and he looks like he has no answer or maybe he just can’t recruit much talent there, they are young so maybe they’ll get better as the season goes along and do ucla’s coach;s have to be grossly overweight to be hired by Chipper ?

    Utah looked meh in the first half against LDS U, amazingly they seemed to make halftime adjustments and played much better in the second half. BYU isn’t great but they will give USC all they can handle and if Utah is the cream of the PAC South, what does that say about Gomer’s team ?

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      1. In addition to the style of offense now having become so ubiquitous that there are well known and understood ways to effectively defend it, the success of these types of offenses, particularly at a high level of competition, is all but solely predicated on having a “difference maker” at QB, and he hasn’t had a Mariota drop in his lap yet at UCLA (in my opinion, USC and Pac-12 fans shouldn’t get too excited on that account just yet – from what I saw, they weren’t that far off last night – I suspect they will get better as the year goes on).

        On another note – lots of folks sleeping on Arizona State…Herm Edwards never distinguished himself as an Xs/Os coach, but he was successful in two different stops in the NFL as a players coach/motivator…we saw first hand last year what that could mean…would not be surprised if they won the division…with a starting quarterback named J. Daniels no less!

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      2. James —You are 100% right that Chip’s offense depends on difference makers. That’s why, when people post stuff about Harrell’s style of offense being easy to figure out, I kinda laugh to myself —the trick isn’t to figure it out, the trick is to stop it when it’s being played right (i.e. by the right players). Harrell seems to think he has the right kind of talent at USC —- tomorrow we get a chance to see how right he is.

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      3. It was striking just how God-awful ucla looked. Kelly must be laughing all the way to the bank that someone actually ponied up $23 million for him. At Oregon, the Nike $$$ covered up a lot of his shortcomings, including his total disinterest in recruiting.

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      4. 67 –If James is wrong (if UCLA isn’t a couple games away from being competitive), Westwood is gonna get awfully hot for chubby. [And I don’t think he cares — I got the impression from his interviews that he’s prepared to just ride this experiment out to the bitter end —and retire to the booth]……

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  6. “The fact Pac-12 schools are interested in Sears demonstrates they see something in the sophomore QB that Clay Helton never did.” So … did OU see something in Jalen Hurts that Saban did not? I guess Saban sucks, too.


    1. Pudly —Thanks for the post! Keep up the good work —no matter what the “challenges” …. [Hope our guys really realize that this season it’s about more than getting on the field —it’s about what they do when they get there]….

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      1. MG – Regarding Harrell believes he’s got the right people… he better have, b/c his difference makers will also have to compensate for an obviously not special OL. I’m very happy about the movers and shakers in the offense, and excited to see if Air Harrell can happen here.. So I sure hope that the post Neil Calloway disaster era will have just been a bad dream. Drev’s approach coupled with new emphasis with S&C, and a now dedicated re-birth of accountability for discipline… I’m at least starting the season more hopeful. If Claydough can honestly be Mr. Figurehead, and resist getting to many fingers into the pie there may be hope. This hopeful approach is honestly coming from a guy that wants Swann and Helton BOTH on the next wagon train out of Dodge! Fight On

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  7. I’m hoping Sears goes to Utah and just destroys the Trojans while Daniels trips over his mustache and breaks his non throwing hand pinky while on National TV

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  8. Western Kentucky’s offense gained 490 yards in their first game under Tyson Helton as OC. That’s not bad at all. They didn’t lose that game because of their offense. They lost it because of their defense.


  9. McKay gave Nelsen and Brown gigs with the Bucs – NFL on their resume’s – then they got sacked – what new about that? He did them a favor because he knew them and trusted them and when their skillset was wanting – bye bye. Real world


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