Another NFL Draft Reclamation Project

You can make a case that some USC players are raising their draft stock simply by getting away from Clay Helton.

USC offensive lineman Chuma Edoga scored a 34 on the Wonderlic test, which is one of the top scores I’ve seen this year. The only Pac-12 score that was better was Washington State quarterback Gardner Minshew, who scored a 42.

Edoga did not get along with former USC offensive line coach Neil Callaway and you’re seeing how motivated he is now that he got away from USC because he had a good Senior Bowl and generally good reviews since he left. He missed quite a few practices at USC and also famously got ejected against Utah State when he pushed an official.


8 thoughts on “Another NFL Draft Reclamation Project

  1. Neil Callaway a liability, Scott? None are so blind as those who refuse to see! The number of lineman who perfected their craft under Coach Callaway is too big to even measure. The one & only reason every single player on his o-lines underperformed every year in every game is that they were in awe of his intelligence, communication abilities and coaching skills.

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      1. Pudly & Calabasas —I love the effect Scott’s snarky writing is having on all of us. We’re really becoming a well oiled team! [Hope Graham’s offense plays with this much cohesion]…..

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