USC Afternoon Notes: Warning One Item Is On Golf!

Sierra Canyon basketball player Cassius Stanley committed to Duke today. His father, Jerome Stanley, was the agent for Keyshawn Johnson and also was a member of the Coliseum Commission. Cassius Stanley said Duke got into his top 3 choices after UCLA fired Steve Alford.

  • Jim Hill of Channel 2 was at USC today interviewing golfer Allisen Corpuz. They did part of the interview at the golf simulator underneath Heritage Hall. How often do you think Lynn Swann uses the simulator?
  • A reader sent me the image below. It shows a Lynn Swann of Wilshire Country Club with an HCP Index of 14.1.

I guess the question is whether you can get one by playing just three rounds in the past 12 months outside of the three he said he played at USC events?



13 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes: Warning One Item Is On Golf!

    1. Apparently, one doesn’t have to hit “send” anymore to get posted. Great idea! Anyway, if it turns out that Lynn lied about the # of rounds he’s played in the last 12 months, he should step down if for no other reason than it’s such a stupid lie to tell (and so easily checked out)……

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      1. The above screen does not say anything about the number of rounds played. It show his handicap ( which is actually pretty shitty ). Not defending Swann by any means but rounds played is. It evident in that screen shot.

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  1. Good job Scott! You did some investigative reporting. Now you need to go to Heritage Hall to ask Swannie how his handicap is so low if he only played 6 rounds of golf in the last 12 months. It must be the wii or the golf simulator!

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      1. To your comment above that most addicted to play golf lie is utter bullshit. The vast majority of golfers take pride in following all the rules and post honest scores. I have played golf for over 50 years and with thousands of people and golfers are by far and away honest, decent, and pleasant to be with people.

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    1. A 14.1 handicap is not low. It is hacker style. Basically a 14 handicap means. You are shooting on average a 90 per round. Swann is an athlete but his natural skills have not translated to golf.

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      1. Well gee ‘linking USA’ my comment used re. ‘most’ was in reply to Mike stating Swann did so relax and keep ‘swinging’ way….fore! (thwack!)


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