Report: Ex-USC Volleyball Player Kelli Tennant Sues Luke Walton For Sexual Assault

Former USC women’s volleyball player Kelli Tennant is suing ex-Lakers coach Luke Walton for sexual assault, according to a report from TMZ.

Tennant alleged in the suit that Walton forced himself on her in a hotel room before he was hired by the Lakers. Tennant was a sideline reporter for Spectrum Sportsnet LA, which broadcasts Laker games.

Tennant claims Walton asked to come to his Santa Monica hotel to discuss a book she was writing. Tennant said the pair had a business relationship and she wanted him to write a foreword to her book.

Per TMZ: “In the suit, Tennant says when she arrived at Walton’s hotel, he convinced her to come up to his room so they could discuss the book. She claims when they got up to his room, Walton suddenly pinned her to the bed, placing his hips and legs over her body.

“In the docs, Tennant claims Walton then began forcing kisses on her neck, face and chest. She claims she screamed for him to stop and tried to free herself, but he held her down, groped her breasts and groin, and rubbed his erection on her leg.

“She says he eventually relented and let her get up from the bed, but as she was walking towards the door to leave he grabbed her from behind and again forced his body up against hers.”


14 thoughts on “Report: Ex-USC Volleyball Player Kelli Tennant Sues Luke Walton For Sexual Assault

  1. Nice try, Scott. But when all is said and done, this is just another ‘man in (his own) hotel room with unwilling woman (only interested in discussing her book) story.’ I know we’re in the dry period between spring and fall camp but stuff like this isn’t going to get anyone except Owns in a lather. I say it’s time for something new —-even if it means stretching things a little further than usual. We need reports on the secret (okay, imaginary), continuing spring practices being held —you know, the ones in which Sears is throwing umpteen touchdown passes in a row —-and J.T. keeps getting into multiple fist fights with Harrell.

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    1. Really Mike? No – I sense this gal ‘Kelli’s’ and her attorney didn’t get what they wanted boom – TMZ time….once it’s out there good luck disproving it ie “…still beat your wife?’

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      1. Agreed. Stuff you can’t do: be with a woman in a hotel, get a massage in Florida, get angry at your wife in public (if you’re the owner of a sports team in San Francisco).


    2. One thing leaps to mind after reading MG’s unctuous paragraph.

      Walton has terrible taste in women. Why would he invite a haggard, cadaverous, SUCCX bimbo to stink up a public Hotel Room? Makes no sense to me, but MG comprehends the situation because he has vast experience with $3.00 a night tricks.


  2. I give you what ‘me too’ has given birth to….Feminazi ‘en flagrante’….alleged assault by Luke Walton…goodbye SAC Kings job….question…’why now’? Why not right after it happened? What did Walton come out in favor of some issue or individual that the radical feminazi left loathes or is this ‘waiting’ for the big payday….this smells of a shakedown that was already in the works …. hey ‘Kellie’ this smells a lot like that skank that Leinart got pregnant who then got it on with Blake Griffin ‘Brynn Cameron’….makes you wonder if ‘Brynn’ gave ‘Kelli’ some walking pints… “Now listen to me Kelli the key is to wait until the play is really worth the counter…we’ll go full 1000% ‘female wronged’ but you have to wait otherwise the demoncrat enablors like Allred won’t take you case…

    Fight it Luke

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  3. Look I have a daughter, and she has been taught that if she goes to a guy’s hotel room it is equivalent of placing your head in the mouth of a lion. If the lion bites your head it is on you, not the lion. If you go into a guy’s hotel room you shouldn’t be there.

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    1. Calabasas —Be careful. In today’s upside down world, you’re not allowed to state the obvious. Recently, I had to listen to the following story without exhibiting my bewilderment. A woman [who is a middle aged attorney] told several of my friends at a dinner party that, the previous week, she knocked on her neighbor’s door and said she couldn’t sleep and was wondering if he’d like to play cards with her. She drank and smoked various substances until she was sleepy and, then, asked if she could go to sleep at his place —which had a guest bedroom on the first floor. But she woke up and “felt alone” so she went upstairs at 3 in the morning and got into his bed —-naked. “And that’s when he raped me!”

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      1. Arturo —I totally agree. Follow the Code of King Arthur: Protect the weak, give to those in need, respect all women.

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  4. The law is clear. A woman’s condition (drinking, getting high etc.) is irrelevant for a sexual encounter without consent. If she can’t give consent because she’s asleep, drunk, high and even autistic, you can’t touch her. Even if you are making out with a woman and she stops you at a certain point, you can’t proceed. California has a four year statute of limitations on criminal charges for sexual assault and a ten year window for civil liability. A bill is being considered in Sacramento (AB1510) that would provide for an extended window of eligibility for someone to revive a case beyond the 10 year window statute. While some may gripe at how women can make claims without proof, consider how for the last 50 years a woman’s attitude, demeanor and even dress were considered mitigating circumstances in cases of sexual assault. Time to rebalance the scales.


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