USC Afternoon Notes: Culture Change In Works?

Has there been a culture change at USC this offseason?

I spoke to a USC assistant coach on Monday and he said, “players still roll their eyes when (Clay Helton) talks behind his back.”

Baby steps. Baby steps. Besides, Lynn Swann doesn’t think there is a problem.

  • New LSU athletic director Scott Woodward, who was previously at Texas A&M and Washington, said this at his introductory press conference today:

“I saw (Ed Orgeron) kick our ass recruiting at USC when I was at UW.”

  • The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved changes on targeting and other rules.

“Beginning in the fall in games using video review, instant replay officials will be directed to examine all aspects of the play and confirm the targeting foul when all elements of targeting are present. If any element of targeting cannot be confirmed, the replay official will overturn the targeting foul. There will not be an option for letting the call on the field “stand” during a targeting review — it must either be confirmed or overturned. Games using the halftime video review procedure will continue to use the current process.”

Here are other changes:

Blind-side blocks

The panel approved a new rule relevant to blind-side blocking techniques. Players will not be allowed to deliver a blind-side block by attacking an opponent with forcible contact. It will be a personal foul with a 15-yard penalty. If the block also includes the elements of targeting, it will be a blind-side block with targeting.


The panel approved a rules change to eliminate the two-man wedge formation on all kickoffs.


Panel members approved a tweak to the overtime rules. If a game reaches a fifth overtime, teams will run alternating two-point plays, instead of starting another drive at the opponent’s 25-yard line. This rules change was made to limit the number of plays from scrimmage and to bring the game to a conclusion.

  • And FINALLY . . .


7 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes: Culture Change In Works?

  1. Your “roll the eyes” comment is either a full on lie or that assistant coach has got to go. Any coach who would tell some 2nd rate reporter about poor player behavior and disrespect toward the head coach and not squash that behavior is a poor coach.

    I believe it’s a lie.

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    1. Brumby,

      You are correct. The assistant coach has the responsibility to ensure the players are respecting the coach at all times while at USC. This is insubordination. Not excusable.

      I do like the two point conversion on the fifth overtime. Just keep scoring.

      What do they consider a blindside block?

      Helmet to helmet needs to be looked at both ends, the offense and defense. You don’t see the offensive player being called as he leads with his helmet. It seems mostly that the refs intently just look at defensive players. If they both lead with the helmets, then penalty is a non penalty and they play it over.

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  2. Culture change has to be earned and respected by the players and the coaches have to enforce it, If not, then it is a joke. The seniors and juniors need to buy into it and demand that the younger players follow suit. We will see. If I see a db opening his pie hole or flapping his wings against another team, then nothing has changed.

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  3. You never saw stupid and selfish players on McKay’s team. They were all business. This team has nothing to say. They have to earn the respect back from its fans and opponents. No one is afraid of USC anymore. When the gutless ruins run 289 yards on the ground like last year, SC has nothing to say.

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  5. It takes two to tango; there are two sides of the story etc. Players who roll their eyes show a lack of respect for themselves as well as their coach. Helton needs to start cracking skulls until respect is earned. He seems afraid of his players and wants to be their friend. He needs to be their coach first.


  6. I remember most of the USC fan boy clowns said Ed Orgeron couldn’t run the USC football program, because he was never a coordinator. Then there’s were rumors that Pat Haden didn’t want Orgeron because he wouldn’t represent the University well at press conferences with his Louisiana accent.. lol . That’s why the Trojans are where they are right now , and LSU is a ranked team with a coaching staff that out recruits Bozo Helton. And not to mention, the vast difference between LSU’s athletic director, and the unqualified idiot who’s running SC’s athletic department

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