Morning Buzz: What Is USC’s Biggest Weakness?

What is USC’s biggest problem this season?

“Our biggest weakness going into this fall is depth,” offensive coordinator Graham Harrell said. “We don’t have a ton of depth anywhere.”

Harrell said he expects to name a starting QB about “two weeks into training camp.”

And he said USC has an advantage over most teams making the College Football Playoff.

“There’s a bias in the media toward elite programs,” he said. “Whether it’s fair or not, if the media gets a chance to put USC in there they’ll put USC in there over a team that doesn’t have the same history and talent as USC.”

  • UC Irvine handed USC its first loss in four games Tuesday night with a 12-9 victory in 10 innings at Dedeaux Field. USC is now 17-21-1.
  • When Harrell spoke at the San Diego Trojan Club on Monday night, former players Ron Mix and Sam Anno were in attendance. They are neighbors in San Diego.


20 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: What Is USC’s Biggest Weakness?

  1. Sweet deal for Helton and Swann….they don’t have to go out in public, and interact with the press or the fans. Harrell can be the face of USC….if were all very lucky Helton won’t even be officially attached in any way to USC come December

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    1. I think that’s the plan, Alv. {And if Harrell wins 9 or 10 games, the job is probably his —-and he can bring in an all Air Raid staff —which is why he’ll need to stand up to Helton if Helton starts interfering and/or causing trouble on any important front —like playcalling, substitutions, coddling seniors who aren’t producing, etc.
      Helton needs to spend more time meeting with Swann off campus discussing the future].

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      1. Mike Helton is in a lose/lose no matter what happens next year – this mess is all his and the fact his previous OC (Tee Martin) was downsided last year and he replaced him is why Helton is through ie Harrell

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      2. Alv —Helton isn’t EXACTLY in a lose/lose —if the season goes well due to Harrell’s Air Raid, he gets to say “I got USC back on track (which, by the way, will be true) —now it’s time for Graham to take us to he next level. Of course Graham has to have his own staff, so Clancy, Baxter, Drevno and I we’ll all be moving on….”

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  2. USC has been crying about depth since their probation years under Lane Kiffin. If they have depth problems today, then it’s that dumb ass, Clay Helton’s fault, because he’s going into his 4th season, and still doesn’t have a clue. And of course as always under Helton, USC’s weakness this season, will be along the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball . Bozo Helton believes you win championships from the outside in, as oppose to the inside out by controlling the line of scrimmage. No modern day college football team has ever won a National championship with weak players upfront, but Bozo Clay thinks otherwise… lol 😂

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    1. you are exactly right…it is also why they have injured players…they do nothing in practices to toughen up ligaments and tendons to stand up to the collisions endured during football games…one must prepare physically in practice for the full speed,blocking and tackling coming in the games

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  3. Vanity………But, the Holy Spirit tells me the prayer meter has picked up…keep’er going, Trojan Nation….make every decision like your souls depend on it….


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    1. Pudly —I hate to say this —-but Porter has a long history of injuries —way too many —- a tell tale sign of PED. [On the other hand, he does play with reckless abandon —and that has consequences, too]……

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      1. Never thought those milkshakes had nothing but ice cream and milk….and you’re right about injuries. It was always on the back of my mind.

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  5. HOW ABOUT an interview with Mix and Anno…it would cover 2 decades and incl tough years and good years with real football coaches, and AD’s.
    They were both all americans and nfl greats drafted by Minn Vikings and ended their careers in So.Cal and one then became a Lwyr and one a coach.
    Get their evals on SC then and now, particularly coaching and the AD…

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