Kelli Tennant Press Conference


22 thoughts on “Kelli Tennant Press Conference

      1. Pudly —I assume your question is rhetorical.
        #…Or,previously,Tarkanian …

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    1. She said that Walton did this in a hotel in Santa Monica while traveling with the team to play the Lakers in May 2017. Few problem with this account. Walton was the HC for the Lakers in May 2017! Even if she has mistaken the year there is a problem. The Warriors were never in Los Angeles to play the Lakers in May of 2015 or 2016. They were busy playing in the playoffs and the Lakers were not in the playoffs. Besides, when the Warriors play the Lakers or the Clippers in LA they would not stay in a Hotel in Santa Monica! They stay in the Ritz Carlton next to the Staple Center or the Omni in Downtown LA. Another trOJan opportunist trying to get over.

      Like Dr. George Tyndall said “these women came into my office and removed their panties and asked me to exam their genitals” “that is all I did”
      trOJan skanks are coming out of the woodworks saying a GYNECOLOGIST touched my PU$$Y.

      #needProff #donttakeoffyourPanties #callthePolicewhenithappens


    1. Really? I rarely if ever agree with Owns but goodnight, that gal looks like one of the ‘legion’ upper class British horse face females….man she is butt ugly.

      This is such a train wreck on her part and whoever told her to make this claim is crazed why I give you Christine Blasey II!

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      1. “I Believe Her.” {Actually, I have no idea what I mean by that —but I heard Chelsea say that that’s what I’m supposed to say in these situations]…

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      2. Anyone goes on TV to make a video with something similar about me, including many specific details, and I am not going to come out unscathed. Guilty or not, Walton will never be looked upon in the same way.

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      3. Arturo, my chivalrous friend –“Guilty or not, Walton is screwed forever.” That’s the point. This is getting too easy. You’re in a business relationship with a woman for several years, plenty of photos of you together are floating around, she calls a press conference and tearily claims that you’ve been harassing her the entire time you’ve worked together but she was too afraid to tell anyone [and all the MANY past nice things she said about you were untrue—and she no longer knows why she said them], and, although she can’t point to one single thing you actually did that constituted attempted rape, “she thought she was going to be raped”, and she can’t even specify the duration of incident except to say that, to her, it seemed “forever”—-voila—new career as survivor.
        I guess it’s necessary, in today’s nutty climate, to point out that when I say scams like this happen, I’m not referring to the situations which are not scams.

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      4. MG- I understand your point and partially agree with it. However, the real world does not seem to agree with your statement that Walton is screwed for life: Kobe Bryant seems to be doing well; Brett Cavanaugh is on the Supreme Court; Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, all of these gentlemen have overcome similar accusations. Doesn’t make it right.

        BTW My hero, Jesus Christ, is the chivalrous example that I aspire to follow.

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      5. MG – All Implied Premise must be made explicit. Gold, man. This is one reason why I hang around here: the daily lessons on vocabulary and just the way you guys (yourself, GTroy, Pud, Owns etc) command the English language.
        Give me a minute to digest and then possibly retort.

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  1. Memo to Arturo:

    You are right A.

    However, if Ms. Tennant feared as she claims Walton, a married man, might attempt to rape her, it was incumbent on Ms. T to immediately inform Hotel Security and report Walton’s behavior to LAPD after she left Walton’s love nest.

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      1. GT- it is really cool to debate or pontificate on matters, disagree, and still maintain our civil discourse. I applaud you for that.
        As far as Judge Cavanaugh, I don’t consider him exonerated or not guilty or at least fully innocent when it comes to the accusations levied against him. I can see how you might, however. As far as Walton goes, the circumstances seem to be much different and the statute of limitations haven’t expired.
        I am ,by no means, a lawyer, so I will defer to you legal eagles when it comes to Walton’s future. I also do not have anything against the guy personally. Still, I believe her.


      2. “ What kind of a world do we live in when a bat steals my headlines? This town needs an inama ! “ I know, I know, I butchered the spelling.

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      3. Artuto —I only hope that the youngsters recognize the wonderfully deranged line you quoted from Tim Burton’s Batman.


    1. Owns, amigo, nice reasoning. However, you are talking about someone who has just gone through a traumatic experience and we do not know what her state of mind was; reasoning had probably gone out the window by then. It is easy for us, as men, to point out flaws in a woman’s case or in their recollection of events and do not think that it is right to be attacking the purported victim; it doesn’t feel right to attack or blame her. I believe her- at the same time, Walton is innocent until proven guilty. I think we can straddle the fence until more information comes to light.


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