USC Quick Thought

Wouldn’t it be something if wide receiver David Sills, aka The Baby Quarterback, were drafted ahead of any USC players?

Remember QB guru Steve Clarkson referred to Sills as the “perfect quarterback.” As a quarterback, Sills made a pretty good wide receiver.

Meanwhile, is Porter Gustin going to get drafted?


15 thoughts on “USC Quick Thought

  1. Scott,
    Don’t back pedal now. All you have done is mock and trash the guy since he was an 8th grader. Can’t throw support his way now.

    He had a great college career and now will be paid to play football. Good for him.

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  2. I am shocked, as I’m sure all the bozo rah-rah sunshine pumpers are.

    Say it ain’t so PG

    PG, the ‘roid injections didn’t help you tackle J. Kelly as he frequently ran by you.



    1. I know you’re slow, well stupid actually, but Porter didn’t play. Of course little details like that never kept you from acting as dumb as dirt.
      How’s the pole dancing classes? Heard you got a rash sliding down that pole so much for extra credit. Nice being able to use your mom’s stuff like that, huh?

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    1. Pud ‘Porter’ was/is the real deal….his physical history is replete with one injury after another. ‘Maybe’ his bone structure isn’t all that strong but whatever the reasons are this guy, for me, always had a heart of gold.

      A thank you – no a big thank you for searching out the gems of 4th estate 3rd party reportage of issues that directly or indirectly impact USC. Outside of my church (RC) and the Angels, it’s USC.

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      1. We could have used a couple more like Porter but he was snakebit from early on. It’s too bad really. Not sure why he was using the Adderall since it’s not a steroid or growth hormone that would’ve given him quicker recovery and greater bulk. Adderall is primarily an amphetamine combination used for adhd and such. He claims he had medical clearance for its use.

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    1. “All show and no go” is not a fair assessment of Porter Gustin. He played his heart out and got some incredible sacks in most every game he played in.

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  3. Gustin took a prescription for ADD. I’m not sure advantage it would give him as it sharpens concentration as a student would need to keep up in school. It was also permitted by waiver, so this is much ado about nothing.
    As for being drafted, he had Seau potential but terrible coaching. I hope he has better luck in the NFL.


  4. Porter has a strong strong drive to succeed, sadly his physical durability was always ‘re-appearing’ season after season. Might impress at the combine as this is the year most teams are desperate for defense. Wish him well his heart has always been for the good of the team.

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