USC Night Notes

Former USC wide receiver and radio broadcaster John Jackson has been discharged from Torrance Memorial Medical Center after suffering a stroke late last year.

  • USC women’s basketball forward Ja’Tavia Tapley has transferred to Arizona State. Erin Grant has been hired as an assistant coach by Mark Trakh. She was also his assistant at New Mexico.

6 thoughts on “USC Night Notes

  1. One of my favorites- loved his high school spotlight when he’d do those 1 on 1s versus top level WRs, DBs, and even O and DL. Always professional. Good news.

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    1. Not sure who or what you be ‘arturo’ but yeah fool I’m down with you per John Jackson….his pre-game analysis was always hard and blunt unlike Arbogast ‘…have a safe and sane 4th you all…’ broadcasts. I truly admire Arbogast’s visits to the terminally ill as detailed by Bill Plaschke and I understand one never bites the hand that feeds you but the ‘in-game’ analysis of the implosion at USC under Helton demands more than the ‘de rigeur’ (I’m Wooden and there is nothing wrong here as long as I am here) mindset.

      Helton sucks and Arbogast says nothing

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      1. Not sure what you’d expect from him. I understand how you feel about the football situation, but to expect someone to give up their lively hood doesn’t seem realistic. We are all bound by professional restraints and it comes down to if you love your job more or if you feel strongly enough about something to give that up..

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