A USC Record To Follow At NFL Draft

Will USC still be No. 1 after tonight’s NFL draft? Thanks, Helton!

Most All-Time NFL First-Round Picks

81- USC

79 – Ohio State

68 – Notre Dame

65 – Miami

61 – Alabama

53 – Florida

46 – Tennessee

45 – Oklahoma

45 – Texas

44 – Florida State

44 – Michigan

41 – LSU

37 – Penn State

36 – Michigan State

36 – UCLA

35 – Georgia

35 – Texas A&M

34 – Nebraska

30 – Auburn

30 – Clemson


15 thoughts on “A USC Record To Follow At NFL Draft

    1. And yet mikey boy, not one former bozo u QB has started a Super Bowl Game at QB in the prior 51 SB games to date. Oh well, mikey continue to bask in SUCCX acute NFL QB failure.

      #UCLA (2 – 8) pound the bozos in a 34 -27 victory



      1. Who did Ucla hire to coach the basketball team buddy?

        I can’t believe Ucla offered John Calipari less money than he was already making at Kentucky to leave for Wimpwood. LOL!!!

        Owns, that….That has to embarrass you. Seriously. What kind of nut job does that kind of negotiating?


    2. Like

      1. He checks their speedo’s for foreign objects at the start of each match and afterwards he’s charged with checking them for “sweat” and skid marks!

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      2. LOL!
        That’s funny!

        “I handle this”
        “I’m an Official speedo inspector”

        Owns won’t mind me saying this. He’s a good sport😊

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    1. What do you think of this from the basketball trial….

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      1. Remember when the ‘local’ press had that ‘interview’ with Gene Chizik about that ass clown Cam Newton and his daddy? TAfter he denied any culpability and did that goofy buzzard cry the ‘press’ were all fawning over him – I think that’s where MSNBC, CNN and NPR got the script whenever they had an ‘interview’ with ‘la bruja’ before the 2016 election.

        Ain’t gonna be the same for ‘Dabbo’ – he just signed that huge deal to stay on ‘forever’ aka we got here the Joe Pa of ‘de south.

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  1. Flow, 5 – 7 seasons tend to produce results like this. Will anybody make it higher than the 4th round? Maybe Edoga now that he’s moved on from USC?


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