Oklahoma And USC Now Share NFL Draft Record

Kyler Murray of Oklahoma is the No. 1 pick, which means the Sooners have had consecutive No. 1 picks (Baker Mayfield last year).

Before today, USC was the only school in NFL history to have back-to-back No. 1 picks with Ron Yary (1968) and O.J. Simpson (1969).

You won’t find any pictures of Yary on a stage with a Minnesota Vikings jersey in 1968. The NFL draft was held at the Belmont Plaza Hotel in New York. Commissioner Pete Rozelle and 26 team reps were there but no players, fans or TV broadcast.

Yary said the Vikings called him around 6 a.m. with their draft plans and he then went to class.

“It was just like any other day,” Yary said.

Below, Yary shows off his Vikings contract before he mailed it to Minnesota on June 18, 1968. His deal was about $100,000 spread over 2-3 years.



23 thoughts on “Oklahoma And USC Now Share NFL Draft Record

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    1. Pudly — The whole Urban thing will only get rolling if USC stumbles. If Graham Harrell’s offense outscores Stanford, Washington and Notre Dame (a pretty big “if”, I agree), USC probably isn’t gonna pay through the roof to get Urban. Agreed?

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  2. Owns so where does Nosen go? Oops I meant Rosen. Wherever he ends up he will be done in a couple of years. Probably won’t start in a Super Bowl, your tired old schtick is the only thing you have against USC dominance in FB.

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      1. Hey Pudly —I guess I’ve “liked” too many of your posts. I can no longer get the like button to work….

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      2. mikey boy, just a jealous, senile, SUCCX rah-rah who can’t do any better than a $ 3.00-night, syphilitic hag, festooned with open sores.

        mikey boy’s motto “get it where you can.”


        Your “Ha!” mikey boy and I’ll raise you 3 Ha’s!


      1. It’s been a few year since I last saw the movie, but I seem to recall this thing that moved around in a human body (more or less) but couldn’t control itself.

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      2. P. S.
        I hope this back and forth we’re having inspires Owns to do 3 or 4 paragraphs of poo poo talk……

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      3. Now mikey boy, why am I not surprised you paid admission to see the “Men in Black,” nonsense? LFOL!

        I’m betting you’ve also paid first run $$$$ to see all of Adams Sandler’s and Will Feral’s pathetic excuses for comedy at least 3 or 4 times.

        mikey boy, you’re so literary.

        I have to ask mikey boy, does Pusley allow you to hold his hand in the dark when you take him to the movies?



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