If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

Graham Harrell made a comment this week at the San Diego Trojan Club that caught my eye.

“There’s a bias in the media toward elite programs,” he said. “Whether it’s fair or not, if the media gets a chance to put USC in (the College Football Playoff) they’ll put USC in there over a team that doesn’t have the same history and talent as USC.”

First off, the media does not pick who plays in the College Football Playoff but I get what Harrell is trying to say. Second, it sounds like someone who just coached at North Texas, because USC is so far off the College Football Playoff conversation at the moment, it’s ridiculous.

USC doesn’t have an elite quarterback, tailback or dependable offensive line. The secondary is suspect on a good day. The coaching . . . you already know.

Right now, the idea USC plays Alabama in 2020 looks foolish. You want to hear a funny story about that game? Last year, when news broke about the matchup, a USC official told me, “Remember, JT Daniels will be a junior and Tua Tagovailoa will be in the NFL.”

JT Daniels? Do you think Alabama will be worried about him? Will he even be at USC in a year? I’ll never forget that comment.

  • If USC really wants to become a national-title contender, it better start signing some defensive linemen from the South. That is where you see the biggest difference between Pac-12 and SEC teams.
  • Channel 2 tracked down former USC senior associate athletic director Donna Heinel and reported Thursday night she is currently working as a Lyft driver in Long Beach. Last month, the FBI secured warrants to seize up to $140,000 from Heinel.
  • Headline: USC is losing national accreditation for a medical training program beset by allegations of sexual misconduct. Response: Just another day at USC.
  • FBI video wiretaps played Thursday in court had former USC assistant coach Tony Bland talking to Christian Dawkins about establishing a recruitment and payment scheme for then-prospect Marvin Bagley. Do you remember the weirdest part of USC’s recruitment of Bagley? Andy Enfield offered a scholarship to then 7-year-old Pooh Pooh Bagley.
  • Duke quarterback Daniel Jones, the No. 6 pick in the NFL draft on Thursday night, was a zero-star prospect with no offers in 2015 according to Rivals and 247 Sports. Remember, Jack Sears committed to Duke before he flipped to USC in 2016.
  • Is USC going to announce a new radio station anytime soon? I’m sure the athletic dept. would not mind going straight to the Internet but the older fans/boosters would probably rebel. One possibility is going to KABC-AM (790), who tied for the worst ratings in Los Angeles out of 40 stations according to the Nielsen Audio ratings for the month of March.

  • I came across this photo two years ago. USC baseball coach Rod Dedeaux is with Texas A&M coach Tom Chandler at the dedication for the Aggies’ new baseball stadium, Olsen Field, in 1978.
  • USC played the first two games held at Olsen Field. But I’m running the photo now because I heard some news regarding it. As Dedeaux spoke at the podium he closed with the following story: “If there had been a back door to the Alamo there never would have been a Texas!”
  • That was enough to turn the happy environment into a hostile atmosphere. USC won the first game, 5-2, and the second game, 8-5. That 1978 USC team went 54-9 and won the NCAA title. It also might be the best team in USC history.

17 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. A lot of ‘effort’ went into this post Scott or should I say bile? The weirdest for me, was the last one about Dedeaux comment at College Station per a ‘back door’ – why’d you put that in? Some commemoration of ‘…the way we were!’ (hit it Babs!) The entire post reads like a swamp –

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    1. Here’s the funny thing, Alv —–the fighters at the Alamo were given several chances to leave but decided to stay and die to give Huston time to build an army that could really defend Texas. Now, here’s a question for you: Is there a single person in congress today that wouldn’t leave the Alamo through the back gate?

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      1. Hey Mike remember that errie solo trumpet ballad that kept playing over and over before Santa Ana moved in? Yeah that’s it – “El Degüello” aka ‘the cutthroat song’

        I was pleased to see Heinel’s current fate….just who was in charge when Tony Bland and Dawkins was going on? Aside from Enfield was it Haden or Swann?

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      2. Sam Houston, Counselor.

        The Alamo, mikey boy, had zero tactical or strategic value to either side. Those men that perished at the Alamo would have been better served to have retreated and joined Gen Sam Houston’s army for the subsequent battle of and victory at San Jacinto.




  2. Here is video of the ten high school recruit Helton passed over as QB for JT Daniels because he was a “bad boy” and Daniels was a “good boy”

    Matt Corrall – Ole Miss last game 2018

    Corrall had only 8 passing attempts but his video looks way better than Daniels as far as quickness of release. Corrall even ran for 18 yards in a game Ole Miss lost by 31 points.

    Daniels was 37 for 51 in his last game against Notre Dame and passed for 349 yards but only could throw 1-TD. 1 for 51. And lost 24-17 even though the Notre Dame QB threw 2 intercepts.

    But Daniels fit in better with Helton’s “good boy, soft culture” then Corrall.


    1. I guess the fact Florida and bama walked on him too doesn’t matter? And a qb with his talent only having 9 offers (including SC, gators & tide) says there was more than smoke.

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      1. I get the feeling that the Group Sears and Group Daniels will both get to see their boy tested this season.

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  3. Sears must be kicking himself for going to ‘SC when he’d surely be the man at Duke next year. Although Daniel Jones is probably a “late bloomer” and had talent that the recruiting services missed, there’s something to be said for the coaching staff at Duke. After all, they were able to turn a 0 star into a first round draft pick. What could they have done with Sears – a legit 4 star talent?

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    1. Good points. Up till (possibly) this season, USC has been the anti-Duke—


      1. I really wish I had you as my wing man, Pudly. Helton and Company don’t deserve you. You are not only smart but indefatigable.

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      2. Could it be because Juju was playing for the Steelers and Rodgers left too? Jalen Greene wasn’t the receiver that they were?


      3. I’m sure that had something to do with it, Pudly. But the lack of “want to” in the Notre Dame game was about something else. [Like Button Destroyed]……


    2. Horrible pick by the NYG (Daniel Jones – Duke # 6 QB)….he faced minimal top 25 programs (2018 Clemson) ACC in-conference results 2016 1 – 7 2017 3 – 5 2018 3 – 5.

      They NYG passed on Darnhold last year and this is the guy to replace a over-the-hill Eli Manning?

      The GM for the NYG Dave Gettleman hasn’t a clue two years in a row.

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