Morning Buzz: USC Finally Changes Athletic Admissions Policy

USC interim president Wanda Austin announced some immediate changes in the way the athletic dept. handles admissions for prospective athletes.

Here are the new procedures per USC:

  • Every student-athlete candidate’s file will be reviewed on three levels – by the head coach, the senior sports administrator overseeing the team, and the USC Office of Athletics Compliance – before being sent to the admissions staff.
  • The head coach will certify in writing that the student is being recruited for athletic abilities.
  • Athletic rosters will be audited at the beginning and end of every academic year and cross-checked with admissions lists.

Is it foolproof? Who knows. It took long enough. Stanford announced changes a month ago.

The involvement of the compliance at least adds another layer of oversight aside from coaches and administrators.

Austin also announced USC is reviewing the status of currently enrolled students involved in the scandal.

“The possible outcomes range from no finding of violation to revocation of admission, and will depend on the facts of each case.”

Two other points of interest via Austin:

“While student-athlete admissions is at the center of the Justice Department’s allegations, USC will also examine the wider scope of how students gain admittance to our university.

“Apart from the previous employee terminations, if the ongoing investigations reveal additional misconduct, appropriate employment actions will be taken.”


12 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Finally Changes Athletic Admissions Policy

  1. Props to Austin for making those moves….well done.

    As to Stanford – so what? They had holes in their admittance protocol as shown by at least one of Singer’s ringers gaining admittance. They also did not have a leadership vacuum at the top.

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  2. Just as long as Lynn Swann isn’t burdened in the admission process in the dept. he heads up, it might interfere with his golf game and he might actually have to earn some of that ridiculous salary that USC overpays him.

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    1. I’d say Swann is on a very short plank – considering what he’s paid, that stunt flying to VA to sign autographs for a ‘pay for my scribble’ was the dumbest thing I believe any of us have seen by an individual choosing that over getting to know a new incoming new president.

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  3. This morning’s Times has an article – front page left side per Nikias……he has just vacated the ‘manse’ he resided in out in ‘San Marino’….he shall remain as a permanent, w. no voting rights, member of the university governing board as a lifetime trustee. He is tenured eng. prof who plans to return to the classroom previously teaching ‘Culture of Athenian Democracy’ He raised $7 bil. all on his watch. Strong support as well as counter against him. He pushed hard for college prep programs for youth in South-Central and East LA – the ‘Neighborhood Academic Initiative’.

    Smart to keep him esp. per his fundraising skills as well as assuaging powerful donors and alumni.

    Another facet of interest – his exit package includes a loan to purchase a home which he just did from (drum roll) an individual who so wishes he went to USC, in Manhattan Beach for a cool $4.1 mil. – Colin Cowherd.

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