USC Notes: Porter Gustin Regrets Playing Through Pain

USC defensive end Porter Gustin did not get drafted, which was not surprising given his injuries and then late controversy over an NFL combine PED test.

But here is what he said on Instagram

Here is an example: Gustin had toe surgery after the Stanford game, didn’t practice all week and then played against Texas. That caused a problem with a screw in his toe and caused him to miss more games.

Gustin was then out about six weeks and tried to play against Arizona State but then reinjured the toe. This is where a coach steps in and does what is best for the player. Of course that didn’t happen.

  • USC defensive lineman Malik Dorton signed a free-agent contract with the Raiders.
  • Notre Dame defensive tackle Jerry Tillery, a first-round pick by the Chargers, referred to Coach Anthony Lynn as “Coach Swann.”

Lynn said he told Tillery: “First off, I’m Coach Lynn, not Lynn Swann. You beat Lynn Swann this year.”


24 thoughts on “USC Notes: Porter Gustin Regrets Playing Through Pain

      1. Gee Einstein, yes I did and I was referring to Arnie’s son by his former wife, Maria Shriver. That son did, in fact, graduate from Felony U.

        Pusley, if only your pinhead wasn’t stuck up the black hole of your rectum!


  1. Maybe someone in the medical profession said as tough as he is his injuries will keep re-occurring…and his need for a particular medicine will interfere also…he made the decisions ,not the coaches.
    I do believe it is a sad outcome for him,I still think he will get a chance, probably have to sign some sort of waiver, but I think he has lots to give a pro team.

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      1. It just seemed plain dumb for Coach Helton to allow one of his team leaders to play before the surgically repaired toe had a chance to hear. It’s his job to be the adult and say no to the overeager players. They needed a healthy Porter later in league play.

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    1. That’s the point, why was PG, and not the licensed team physician, allowed to make his own decisions to play FB with debilitating medical problems?

      Are bozo FB players considered Lemmings?

      Jaelan Phillips transferred to U of Miami because UCLA wouldn’t medically clear JP to participate on the UCLA FB team.

      In my mind, UCLA made an informed medical decision, and, even if it was the wrong decision, JP’s future health prognosis was UCLA’s fundamental priority.

      Phillips is now U of Miami’s medical problem.


  2. On KLAA from 4-4:30 pm ESPN had Ivan Meisel – College notes. Along w. Meisel were a couple of young scribes who first talked about the state of KS football with the recently hired Les Miles at the helm.

    They hemmed and hawed but both said in order for the Jayhawks to even get to a bowl they’d have to beat: IN St. Coastal car – both at KS then travel to BC in Boston. They then turned their attention for the last 15 minutes to the…drum roll – Pac 12.

    First – weakest conference in the nation is now Pac-12 – no mention of USC being the anchor of ineptitude that keeps pulling all the rest down but then they started discussing ‘expansion’

    First mention made of the Pac-12 possibly expanding with Boise St. or UT St but then they turned back to the Big 12.

    The Big-12 has tiptoed around expansion for the past 9 years since CO, TX A&M and MO all booked – mention made of the perennial move to snag both Cin and BYU esp. Cin as a close location rival for WV – then came the ‘joker’

    What about someone – another conference poaching from the Pac-12? They made note of how awful Scott has been and then they made note of the ‘president’ of the Pac-12 Network.

    The following comes from the San Jose Mercury – only decent paper up there – the guy is named Mark Shuken in March in Vegas in an open forum called ‘Hotline’ as reported by Jon Wilner

    ““When they first started (the Pac-12 Networks) with 850 events — and this is the question that keeps coming back, as referenced around economics and net profit — no one ever said doing 850 events would create the most profitable approach to it. It was about delivering the mission after having been paid by Fox and ESPN.

    “And that’s OK. That’s exactly the mission around it. That’s part of the elevation of the brand.”

    Meisel’s two guests thought that was a joke of an answer – the purpose of any deal is to generate income not some weird incoherent reply akin to Gary Hart a la 1988.

    They then stated the current mess deal expires in 2024 but they wondered how long Scott stays in place i.e. how serious are the conference members to making a real change?

    No mention about USC and yet if USC is unhealthy the entire conference is finished. Swann can’t be – fired soon enough – he is the problem – Helton is a mutt and knows it – USC’s problem is 1000% Lynn Swann

    Funny if USC did look elsewhere but sending a girls soccer team to Morgantown-WV doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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      1. c’est vraiment mon ami, but think of bel-air tech, Cal, WA St., OR St., suddenly faced with having to make a 2 stop jump from (pin the tail on the donkey) airports from – LAX, PDX, SEA, OAK/SFO to – Morgantown-WV, Lawrence-KS, Ames-IA or Waco-TX…..suddenly Guerrero and the gal that inherits that female gymnast program has to ‘defeat’ OK every year….bel-air tech has to always play the coward just as the peckerwood did back in the day when he never played USF (Pete Newell) Ted Owens (KS) Tarkanian (CSULB) each and every year. The peckerwood met the president of CSULB when Jerry Tarkanian was making his move and offered that president a promotion to a UC campus if he would make sure Tarkanian 1. didn’t havb=e any chance to play bel-air tech in the regular season and 2. made sure some dirt was found per Tarkanian’s program.

        The peckerwood got his wish and then dropped the sap like 3rd period Armenian…peckerwood…always always a peckerwood

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      2. Always concise Alv. But you’re right re the rest of them except furd might be able to travel well. Neither here nor there. Fire larry scott.

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    1. IIRC, Mr Scott said that ‘making a profit wasn’t the goal’.

      As he pays himself what? $6.5M. 10 asst’s at $500,000? Office rent $6M/yr.

      Profit is my middle name & it should be #1 for a TV network.

      Somebody, somewhere had their wires crossed when they re-upped this guy.


      1. Well best understand’Sather Gate’ aka ‘Ital’ boy your AD, in addition to the other athletic director clowns, was one of them …. and before you go full scale ‘metoo’ I’m ‘half-mick’ aka ‘potato pickah” aka ‘harp’…as Telly Savalas said so cogently to Lee Marvin in the ‘Dirty Dozen’….
        “Besides us, southern (Euros) boys got to stick together!”


  3. Yo, thus spake Pusley

    “How do you know that the medical staff didn’t make the decision to release him for play???”
    THREE ???’s?, that is so bubble gummer magazine Pusley.

    Pusley, in case you missed it, we communicate in English; so my question to you is: to what “medical staff” are you referring?

    Maybe you’re referring Geo Tyndall M.D. or Jimmy Tibone M.D., I don’t know. How about a little help Quasimodo?

    Pusley, take your finger out of your nostril and ask mikey boy to help you.


  4. Coach Lynn: Jerry Tiller, thank you for your participation here at the Chargers Park, it has been a grueling 6 weeks of camp for you, however, your services have been traded to the Arizona Cardinals for the very last pick of next year’s draft. You can be attributed to being the least signifagant player, just like Caleb Wilson of the ruins from last year. Please close the door when you leave.


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