Picture Of The Day

I ran a photo Friday of basketball great John Havlicek playing USC in the 1961 Los Angeles Basketball Classic at the Sports Arena.

In the picture below another basketball legend, Jerry West of West Virginia guards UCLA’s John Green in the 1959 Los Angeles Basketball Classic. USC did not play West Virginia, losing to Cal in the semifinals. West Virginia beat UCLA, 87-73, on Dec. 29, 1959 and then lost to Cal, 60-45, in the championship game.




9 thoughts on “Picture Of The Day

    1. If only andy”o”peckerwood, who didna know squat but shoulda,
      could find him some cheating and not get caught.

      Wooden never had to employ a Ta-Ta to sooooo a recruit would sign with the pitiful felony U BB program.



  1. The ’59 Basketball championship ,Cals Pete Newell coached team won it all March’59,with their all American Darryl Imhoff ,he was also a gold medal Olympian and nba star…even played for Lakers for several years and with Jerry West. The team they beat? W Va and Jerry West.
    The next yr is when Ohio St With Jerry Lucas and John Havlicek won it all. Lucas was the far superior player in college and Havlicek was maybe slightly more in pros , due to Lucas and knee problems.

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  2. Just Rent,

    Johnny Cheetin’ was either stupid or a liar. How can he pay attention to detail so much that he taught his boys how to put on socks and not see the cars, clothes, money, and other “necessities” of life and not say a word.

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    1. Easy, he was to busy winning 10 NCAA BB Championships.

      The SUCCX BB program, on the other hand, was lead by incompetent losers, happy to watch the NCAA Tournament on TV.

      Oh btw, UCLA 34 – Felony U 27

      Ding goes the Vic Bell.


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