Game Of Thrones Talk

Did you survive the Battle of Winterfell?

Are you drained if you did?


11 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Talk

      1. Maynard was talking about settling down to a 9 to 5 bank job ….when he got himself vivisected. [And Tuesday Weld is talking about doing something much worse than that to Dobie next week].

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      1. gt —–For the life of me I don’t know how any fan of InsideUSC could get hooked on it —-it’s nothing but conspiracies, intrigue, backstabbing, plots, bloodlet …… oh…..wait a second…..


  1. SCooter,

    You are not doing your job. You should have a blog regarding SC’s weekend. They took no prisoners. The Men’s tennis team took league title by destroying the stinking Hippies, (No Offense Cal75) by the score of 4-0. Then women’s lacrosse smoked the buffaloes by the score of 11-2. Then you have women’s water polo team that destroyed the ruins in the semifinals and beat the Number 1 team in the Country, Stanford, in overtime by the score of 9-8.

    Do you job instead of crying over Game of Thrones.

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    1. Ha! Thanks for the updates, pt! [Haven’t we all gotten over Scott going outside—-way, way outside —- our job description for him]?
      “I go where I please, Wakefield!” —Walter Matthau to Burt Lancaster in The Kentuckian


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