On The Quarterback Leadership Drumbeat . . .

Where is JT Daniels? Did he not show leadership last weekend by spending time with his teammates?

This is the stupidity of analyzing whether a quarterback is with the team or not every weekend. It doesn’t matter. What matters is winning. Making plays. Performing. You can be a leader in the summer organizing passing practices.


10 thoughts on “On The Quarterback Leadership Drumbeat . . .

    1. History proves that quarterbacks who don’t care about domestic violence never make it to the playoffs (or even first tier bowl games)…..

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      1. …But Clay is there and Clay is everybody’s daddy…

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    1. Scott is not a beat reporter he got fired from that gig. He is currently a blogger with status just below a 12 year old girl who writes for school paper.


  1. Leave JT alone, he isnt orchestrating anything and buying your friends some pizza is a part of college life.

    These guys deserve credit, kudos to them. Turning this into something divisive is low class.

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