What Has Lynn Swann Done?

An athletic director at a Mountain West Conference school posed the following question to me this morning:

“What has Lynn Swann accomplished as athletic director at USC?”

I thought about it and said, “He gave contract extensions to Clay Helton and Andy Enfield.”

Now this conversation comes right as USC won conference titles in men’s tennis, beach volleyball, women’s water polo and women’s lacrosse. I would note Swann did not hire any of those coaches.

Swann did extend Helton and Enfield, keep baseball coach Dan Hubbs and hire women’s basketall coach Mark Trakh. These programs are performing below expectations.

But has he really accomplished anything? The main reason is Swann’s tenure is really about doing nothing and punting on big decisions.

When scandals break (i.e. Tony Bland, Donna Heinel, Jovan Vavic), Swann just claims ignorance. One thing about being an athletic director: You can’t be afraid of making a tough decision.

But when you would rather play golf, you don’t tackle real problems.

8 thoughts on “What Has Lynn Swann Done?

  1. what has lynn done? he’s provided us with laughs….lots of laughs —-even more laughs than haden….or garrett (sorry for the lack of capitalization —-i’m on hold with sear’s repair)……

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  2. Hopefully USC’s new President, Carol L. Fault will eventually see the unproductive job that the unqualified Lynn Swann is doing, then dismiss him . And how is that clown one of the highest paid athletic directors in the country ? His salary has been reported to be between 2 and 3 million annually.

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    1. Sir, I disagree. At least we read Wolf’s blog everyday, so he is accountable on his work. With Swann, you don’t know if he is working or playing golf. WIth Wolf’s faults, I would take Wolf over Swann any day of the week.

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      1. Have to agree with ya, pt. If Swann had half of Scott’s ingenuity, USC would have moved from Helton to a first magnitude coach this season. [I’m not saying Helton isn’t a first rate person —I’m just saying he doesn’t have that nasty streak that all first rate coaches have to have]…..

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    2. Let’s not forget one rather obvious thing, T.T.—Swann gets paid a LOT of money to “do things for USC” —-and USC is not getting near it’s money’s worth out of him. Scott is not paid to “do things for USC” —nevertheless, I’d argue that his work product —every day of the year —triples what Swann puts in on the best day of his life.

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  3. As obsessively negative Wolf is, at least we know he’s not delusional. Well, when it comes to counting up wins and losses, at least.

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