USC Midday Notes: Another Example Of Dysfunction

This is how dysfunctional USC is these days.

Reggie Bush told the Los Angeles Times he and Matt Leinart will recruit Urban Meyer to USC if Clay Helton struggles.

“We’ll definitely be recruiting him,” Bush told the Times. “What makes you think we won’t be recruiters? Nothing is off the table.”

So two of the best-known names in USC football are ready to help replace Helton? What happens if USC wins 7-or-8 games? Will they run the coaching search or Lynn Swann? Having a search committee is obviously out of the question.

So many issues and so amateurish.

  • USC wide receiver Kyle Ford said he has been cleared. He tore knee ligaments at the beginning of last season at Orange Lutheran.

5 thoughts on “USC Midday Notes: Another Example Of Dysfunction

  1. How do you know Matt subscribes to this opinion? Now all of a sudden Reggie is a credible source of information? Wow scottie you and Reggie, what a pair!

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    1. You’re acting like Reggie and Matt have to be on the same page, Pudly. Noooo. Not necessary. We’re entering a new age —-there will be 3 separate search committees —one headed by Matt, one headed by Reggie and one headed by Scott (that’s right —Swann & “official” USC will not be involved)……..

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  2. Question: If you are a gifted musician attending USC under scholarship and record companies are offering you an “option contract” for your future music, would you be denied that opportunity? Is it legal to deny such a commercial opportunity to a scholarship student? What is the difference with Bush? Why should the NCAA have the right to deny him a “futures contract?”


    1. It creates conflicts of interest, invites disrespectful behavior and ruins the validity of outcomes prematurely,…musicians are independents, ballplayers are part of a team, who depend on their future rights too.


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