LSU Keeps Recruiting Circles Around USC

I’ve already mentioned LSU currently has more commitments from Southern California players (three) than USC (two).

LSU just got a commitment from Antoine Sampah, the No. 1-rated inside linebacker in the nation by Rivals. Sampah is from Woodbridge, Va.

Remember when USC used to snag some top national players?

Inevitably, someone will say, “doesn’t matter, USC will get Justin Flowe.”

Flowe is the No. 3-ranked player overall in the nation but he plays outside linebacker not inside. And how many times will USC getting Flowe overcome anoter commitment? Elias Ricks, the No. 1-ranked corner, will visit USC but looks set for LSU.

USC is also trying to flip Narbonnne defensive tackle Jordan Berry from LSU. Berry said yesteday he didn’t care what anyone said he was staying committed to LSU.

You can say you are not worried about early commitments. I would agree with that if I could be confident Lynn Swann will do the right thing next fall.

But at the least, there is no burst in excitement in prep circles for USC’s new assistant coaches. That is what happens when Clay Helton has hamstrung the program.

  • USC basketball is going to Spain and France from August 6-16. This is the type of tour necessary when you have so much roster turnover and you want to get players acquainted with each other.

14 thoughts on “LSU Keeps Recruiting Circles Around USC

  1. Complains about football recruiting being poor, then slams basketball coach for bringing in one of best recruiting classes in the country because there is too much turnover.

    Can’t have it both ways.

    I did see he referred to himself as a journalist in a tweet, that’s funny.

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      1. What’s funnier, is the younger brother (next year) is even better. Probably the top player in the country. I’m wondering what you think when coaches hire the high school coaches of these kids, then get their parents jobs off campus? Have you read the dirt about zona BB from the bribery trial yet…has death penalty written all over them.

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      1. Or the sign of the times…both corruption trials have involved big schools in football and basketball. Who doesn’t help out the parents anymore. Tua’s got jobs in bama, and Tua when asked about it couldn’t/wouldn’t answer…


    1. I’m old fashioned. so now are dudes gonna be song girls? In my opinion, they should have kept this as a guy gig. Just because, that is why. Tradition has it that the band is to be as ferocious as the football team and it is to intimidate the opposition. I don’t think a young lady can bring that intimidation factor to the game.

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      1. There is a culture war going on that is breaking down traditional barriers. Not sure if I’d want to start this thread here or now..


    1. When we factor in “politically correct” speech Pud, what happens when we have a transgender cheerleader? Damn, I’m so glad I grew up in a different period — hell, the girls in my day didn’t have tattoos all over their bodies. 🙂

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    1. Ge Pudly, maybe you should host the blog instead of Scott. I know Scott is our man, but your news is news and Scott….well lets just say even a broken record gets some notes right.

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