Every Day Something Happens At USC

USC seems to be a magnet for news.

Did you drive by Figueroa Ave. and Exposition Blvd. today? You probably hit a traffic snag.

A Los Angeles police officer was thrown off his motorcycle and landed in a fountain at an entrance to USC after a Black SUV collided with another car. The SUV had Inglewood mayor James Butts. It was not known if he was the driver.

The officer suffered several broken bones, police said.

  • USC interim president Wanda Austin and new president Carol Folt announced Elizabeth Graddy will serve as the university’s interim provost, effective July 1, 2019. She will replace the controversial Michael Quick, who was viewed as Max Nikias‘ right-hand man. A search committee has been formed to find a permanent replacement.

8 thoughts on “Every Day Something Happens At USC

  1. Hey I welcome the school throwing Quick out – good riddance to the ‘connected’ ‘in situ’ ‘player’….as to His Honor Mayor Butts – maybe he was fleeing a subpoena from the Forum owners on that midnight deal he gave Baumer to build a new arena on the south side of the Rams Stadium on Century.

    Hope the Forum wins just to bleed some demoncrat politco and his bunkmate Baumer

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  2. Well this was a surprise! I thought sure he was going to say Swann was directing traffic while Helton crosses the street against the lights…..whew!

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  3. Pudly76,

    Hilraious. Now, Is Mayor Butts gonna be hit with a hit and run charge which is a felony or are they going to let him slide as well? It just seems if you are connected, you get away with breaking the law. If that is the case that he ran away.

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    1. Much like the Chappaquiddick incident, those that have can and off do. Look at scottie for instance. He’s been getting away with murder for ever….


  4. You guys read the LA Times account? Butts made an illegal U-turn just west of Fig in that ‘patrician’ entrance off Expo. Sent the cop to County with broken bones…Butts – Balmer – law suits – where’s Ervin Johnson to smooth the waters huh?


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