USC Back In Mix For Top Recruit?

USC will not host Oregon and Oregon State at the Galen Center next season or travel to Cal and Stanford as part of its 18-game Pac-12 schedule.

Missing Cal is probably the easiest road game in the conference next season so that’s not a plus.

  • The Pac-12 announced it will go to a 20-game conference schedule for the 2020-21 season.
  • Boogie Ellis, a point guard who signed with Duke last November, has asked to be released from his letter of intent. USC was one of his final five choices last fall but Memphis is probably considered a frontrunner. USC still has a scholarship available if Ellis wants to sign with the Trojans.

5 thoughts on “USC Back In Mix For Top Recruit?

  1. Eddie Kendricks singing, “Keep on Truckin’, Baby”, with the words Boogin’ On Down playing right now in my head. Seems like there is a song for every situation regarding SC. For Swann it should be the death slow march song, I don’t know the name, but I hear it in my voice. For Helton, is the clown song from Mitchell, ‘Where are the Clowns”.

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  2. Guys see this over on Re. the possibility of Meyers coaching for USC –

    ‘Pablo S. Torre. “And we know this because he has this cyst on his brain that all is family is like begging him to stop coaching so that it doesn’t flare up again and yet he’s going to coach somewhere right? So why not USC?

    “This is what he does. Also on the list of what he does: leave a school, take a year broadcasting, go take the best job available after,” said Jones. “He did that before, he came an worked for us and then he took that year and then he took the Ohio State job. And I would go even farther, though I don’t know this is actually the case:…”‘

    But here’s the best line of the quote and it connects directly to the one above.

    “… the only reasonable explanation for why Clay Helton still having a job at USC is if you think Urban Meyer needs a year off before he comes and takes this job…”

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    1. Never going to happen. This Meyer to Felony U is just more clown u rah-rah pie-in-the-sky wishing and hoping.

      Time after time, Felony U goes shopping for a new 740 BMW and settle for a used 10-year-old Toyota Corolla.

      Bottom line, SUCCX is fat, bloated, uses too much makeup and stinks of cheap Methodist perfume.


      1. Just rent II,

        It took Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden 20 years to think and start Cheetin’ with Sam Gilbert. You talk about being slow. Well, what do you expect from L.A. City College JC or Thug U or ruinville. I guess it started when Thug U stole the CAL song in 1925 and it has not stopped since. to be a ruin, you must cheet.


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