USC Morning Buzz: Is This What Inspires Confidence?

When Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said Wednesday, “I looked around the room in our football coaches’ meeting and I felt very good,” was he ever looking at Clay Helton?

He could have been looking at the Washington coaches (Chris Petersen, Mike Leach), David Shaw (Stanford) or Kyle Whittingham (Utah).

After that, who else? Did Justin Wilcox (Cal) inspire confidence? Chip Kelly (UCLA) still has some gravitas despite winning three games last season but he isn’t exactly riding high. Kevin Sumlin (Arizona) had a subpar season. Herm Edwards (Arizona State) went 7-6. Mario Cristobal (Oregon) went 9-4 but didn’t beat any good teams other than Washington.

All I know for certain is Scott could not have been looking at Helton.

  • During Wednesday’s trial on college basketball corruption, middleman Christian Dawkins testified undercover FBI agent Jill Bailey gave him money to give to David Elliott, the uncle of former USC player De’Anthony Melton.

But Dawkins said he never gave Elliott the money.

“I deposited the money,” Dawkins said.

Was this the only instance involving Melton? If so, that’s a heckuva way to suspend him for an entire season.

  • The Chinese family that paid Rick Singer $6.5 million to get their daughter into Stanford is believed to have met Singer through Michael Wu, a financial advisor for the Pasadena branch of Morgan Stanley.

Morgan Stanley said it fired Wu after he refused to cooperate with an internal investigation.


29 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Is This What Inspires Confidence?

  1. Are you with me Doctor Wu
    Are you really just a shadow
    Of the man that I once knew
    Are you crazy are you high
    Or just an ordinary guy
    Have you done all you can do
    Are you with me Doctor

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    1. Another song I am thinking of is from The Who, with lyrics about a doctor. I forget the song, but here the melody. I just remembere the song, and it is, “Can’t You See the Real Me”, If I have the incorrect title, please correct me.

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  2. Interesting to see if those parents take a plea or choose to claim they did nothing wrong throwing it all on Singer. Considering the feds had this couple in their sights but didn’t have enough to move on them when they pulled the others into the net in late March points it all, whether true or not, at Singer.

    Man $6.5 million – “…one dollar more.” huh Singer? Just like Getty.

    stanford has already begun their disclaiming as have all the rest but a sharp contrast with how Chelsea got in and considering how cheap the klintonskas are, for nothing.

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  3. USC’s hyper-conservative compliance office cleared Melton, probably after learning the same thing. But Swann overruled them, because Swann is a moron.

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  4. SCooter,

    Why are you ragging on Justin Wilcox? he beat SC and he went to a bowl game. I see his teams being around the 8-4 record while he is there. We can’t say the same for Helton until he proves it. Now, on the other hand, you give Chocolate Chip Kelly a free ride because it was his first year. Wasn’t it Wilcox’s first year as well? “What a Maroon”, quote from Bugs Bunny.

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    1. PT,
      Wilcox@Cal-2nd year.
      @P76- I miss read your post. I was thinking a W 460 which is like shooting a bazooka. I didn’t realize you were a game hunter with the 7mm.
      @MG-it’s never to late to learn clock management.

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      1. CAL75,

        it is about time you showed up to the party. Your ears must have been burning. I like Wilcox at Cal. He will do a good job.

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      2. Cal75
        1) Graham hasn’t given up on the run.
        2) Even if he did, lots of fast break offenses (with almost zero defenses) have done just fine.
        3) Be Happy! You’ll get to see one on November 16th.

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      3. P76,
        You shoot wings w/ 7mm? Damn that’s impressive.

        Let me splain sum ding 2 ya MG. Food for thought. With an air raid…5 things happen
        Touchdown, completion, inc, interception, sack. All stop the clock & 4 times the clock doesn’t start immediately. A sack f ups the QB. A TD pass may result but you prob only use 2 min whereas on a heavy run O, you can grind out 5-10 min off the clock.
        Following this?
        So with a weak Oline, more plays mean more probability of sacks. & the less time the O is on the field, ergo the more time your D is on the field. You can win each game 40-7 but the deeper you go into the schedule…like NOV 16…your Dbacks get more abused each game. If SC stays air raid with each game there is more of a chance of having walk on freshmen playing 1st string at corner by the 5th game.
        I did not see very good SC time management at the Cal game at the Coliseum last year & doubt it will be better this year. You either got it or you don’t. Great coaches get it. Parcells gets it. Walsh got it. Shula got it & I’m afraid chocolate chip gets it.
        2 B cont but my phone is out of gas.

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      4. Cal75—-
        Spare your phone, my friend. You’re spending too much time on this. This isn’t like arguing the existence of free will or God…..

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  5. “Chip Kelly has gravitas”. Ha! Losers don’t have gravitas, and the guy hasn’t had a winning season for roughly the last 5 years.

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      1. Wait a second, Pudly! Let’s not be calling Chip a racist! [Let’s just say that he, inexplicably, hasn’t gotten along with some very fine and talented players who happened to be black….and that it appears that he didn’t treat them fairly but we’re sure there must be some good reason other than his being a narrow minded asshole]….

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      2. Pusley you horse’s ass.

        What Eagle AAf players have you personally interviewed in this dimension re: your specious/spurious racist crap “At least that’s what you glean from his players.”

        I’m curious did you wear your camo baseball cap & bring your cat to the interviews.



      3. owns you turdsnap…there are a myriad of choices out there of articles of players, some he traded and some he retained.
        It’s always funny to see you get upset when articles point out the nastiness that chippie showed many of players. If the shoe was on the other foot though, you’d be calling for a hate crime investigation.


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      1. One in a row…once in a while. Their whole existence is based on it.
        No matter they won 3 games, our sights are set so low just beating SC once every four years is a success…


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      2. 5 ruin wins in the last 20 years. Smoking hot!

        But even with a ding every 4 years, does anyone at ucla care?


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  6. Yo Wolfgang Von Pusley fakes a defense

    “owns you turdsnap…there are a myriad of choices out there of articles of players, some he traded and some he retained.
    It’s always funny to see you get upset when articles point out the nastiness that chippie showed many of players. If the shoe was on the other foot though, you’d be calling for a hate crime investigation.


    Pusley, WTF is a turdsnap? Sounds like something you regularly munch on while you search the Internet for something to cut & paste to Wolf’s blog.

    You accuse of Chip of racism w/o a soupcon of specific evidence. Somehow in your tiny mind, you equate Chip’s team cuts and trades as fueled by racism. Hardly the case dumpkopf. Pusley, give the NFL a jingle and demand to know how the Kelly racism investigation is proceeding

    Pusley, have the operation, get your pinhead removed from your rectum.

    “Scheiskopf”? How long Pusley have you been waiting to lay that German curse on somebody. I bet you wrote the word on a souvenir single sq. of official Felony U toilet paper and pinned it to your low forehead.


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