Is USC The Sixth-Best Job In Country?

Athlon ranks every college football job in the country and USC ranks No. 6.

Excerpt: “How’s this for a selling point: The USC coaching staff has the ability to stock its roster with elite talent without ever having to jump on a plane. No job is perfect — USC’s administration has been a mess of late — but this is an ideal position for someone who wants to coach on the West Coast. It’s hard not to win at USC.”

No it is not hard to win at USC. Unless you are Clay Helton.

By the way, USC ranks ahead of Clemson, Oklahoma and Michigan.

It all shows what a major mess the USC athletic dept. is right now that football is being allowed to stagnate despite being a job most coaches would love to have.


20 thoughts on “Is USC The Sixth-Best Job In Country?

  1. Yes, Athlon, USC IS an “ideal place to coach on the west coast.” And Alabama ISN’T.
    Pudly —have you noticed that Owns is using the “yawn” reply?

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    1. Honestly Michael I can never tell if he’s conscious or not when he’s posting anyway. But it’s not his fault, many crack babies turn out like him.

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    2. Athlon, what a F**K’ing rag joke.

      Didn’t Athlon rate the bozos #7 in its 2018 preseason prognostication?

      UCLA 34 – Felony U 27; How about the bozo defense!

      Ding goes the Vic Bell!


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      1. 20. UCLA

        Few schools can match the upside of this job (great recruiting base, top-notch academics, beautiful campus), but there are other factors (second fiddle in its own city, questionable commitment from the university, no on-campus stadium) that make winning big at UCLA more difficult than it should be.


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      2. Pudly —is the constant yawning from Owns something we should be alarmed about? A cry for help? One of those red flags that go up just before a person dies by their own hand?

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      3. Micheal I didn’t know you could die by “rubbing one out”, which is owns specialty…check his palms, word is he waxes them to keep them hairless….

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      4. Pudly —From what I’ve read no one has died from the sin of repeated self abuse…..yet….

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      5. P. S.
        I think it was Patty Smith who said that after 30 or 40 times in a row she started seeing pink skies filled with space ships. Keep this in mind when trying to make sense of Owns posts……

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      6. Just rent,

        We see that Thug U aka ruinville was no where ranked. Probably was equally ranked with L.A. CC. Oh, I forgot, ugly is LA CC. What a joke you and ugly are.


  2. Hey here’s the real ‘stinker’ that bel-air tech has refined since the peckerwood…

    from the daily bruin dtd. 14th April 2019

    “Here Chancellor Gene Block was claiming UCLA was the victim. Instead it’s the perpetrator.

    Block himself had to have been knowledgeable about the internal investigation, which implicated officials as high up as Josh Rebholz, now the university’s senior associate athletic director for external relations.

    Moreover, the corruption was extensive. According to the report, Rebholz told Michael Maynard, the then-track and field coach, that it was imperative he recruit the student in question because she was the daughter of major donors. This was on top of Grant Chen, the associate head tennis coach, telling UCLA’s director of administrative policies and compliance office that the student-athlete was a family friend – one whose parents received sample pledges from Chen. Maynard, who eventually left UCLA in 2017, even authored an email thanking the student’s parents for their “generous financial gift.”

    But the worryingly long paper trail is just the tip of the corruption-berg. The 2014 report even found families of the tennis team’s walk-on athletes gave massive donations to the university – donations, its authors wrote, were likely expected by some to come at the time of the students’ admittance.

    In other words, last month’s college admissions scandal was merely an egregious and unnecessarily illegal attempt to do what so many others were already. And given hard-hitters implicated in this report – Rebholz, Maynard and Chen – largely kept their jobs, it’s clear the bribery was institutionalized.

    The implications are harrowing: UCLA didn’t change five years ago. It’s unlikely to change now. And the big talk from Block and UCLA Athletics officials about wanting to reform the process is probably hogwash.

    This is coming from the nation’s top public university.

    Of course, UCLA can argue the charges from the 2014 report have already been addressed through changes like staff training. But none of the implicated individuals engaged in bribery because there wasn’t training at the time to explain the rules to them. Instead, the report revealed how UCLA Athletics officials believed they were acting in the university’s best interest by soliciting donations – something administrators are still obsessed with.

    UCLA filled its coffers alright. And it lost its integrity with it.”

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    1. But absolutely nothing like SUCCX “Nicky Squid,” and his perverted SUCCX cash and carry, endowment fundraisers.

      You can scream and shout until B. Dixon is released from the PEN, but on an integrity scale worse 1 – 10 best, UCLA rates a 4.

      On the same I. S. Commie Lush, SUCCX rates a -27; SUCCX deserves the Death Penalty.

      There’s absolutely nothing worse than a whiny, sanctimonious, white bread Methodist.


      1. Whiny your word of the day. My mom and I played that when I was in third grade. Maybe if you stick with it you’ll get all the way to three syllables by next year.

        Ruin wannabe twerp.


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      2. The biggest white wash in the history of modern athletics….the king of the white bread …. the peckerwood….jonniekins and his screeching wife ‘Nelliepoo’….”You leave my jonnie alone!”

        Gilbert knew a whimp as soon as he saw the wooden….funny how Bartow ‘knew’ what Gilbert was as soon as he saw him.

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      3. Pudly — According to Owns, all Christians are losers, all the men who fought at the Alamo were fools, all John McKay was is an alcoholic, all John Wayne was is a racist, blah blah. He needs a shrink —but no one here is a shrink….


      4. Alv —Your second paragraph sez it all.


    2. Rusoviet,

      Ugly never had integrity. That has been proven ever since they stole the CAL song back in 1925. The continuation of cheatin’, lying, and stealing has always been there through Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden, Harrick, and now. Ugly’s motto is, “If you ain’t cheetin’, you ain’t tryin'”.


  3. Yo, you always tell when Commie Lush feels threatened, ’cause he always launches into his pitiful, tedious, alcoholic Peckerwood schtick.

    “The biggest white wash in the history of modern athletics….the king of the white bread …. the peckerwood….jonniekins and his screeching wife ‘Nelliepoo’….”You leave my jonnie alone!””

    “Gilbert knew a whimp as soon as he saw the wooden….funny how Bartow ‘knew’ what Gilbert was as soon as he saw him.”

    The greatest white-wash in human history belongs Commie Lush’s phallic worship, Jujitsu of the stable, the basturd son of a Syrian Hog farmer and the ulgy wench Easy Mary.

    Commie Lush believes because he sucks up to Jujitsu, he’s been saved or will be saved, for what, who knows, Commie Lush is worthless.

    Only thing Commie Lush might be good at, in my opinion, would be a gluttonous parasite on a Parrot’s ass.



  4. This is what happens when you hire a inexperienced, stupid ass, bone headed athletic director, who’s too stupid to evaluate his own football coach. If the new USC President doesn’t get rid of Lynn Swann, then obviously, Max Nikias still has influence over the Universities administration.


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