Matt Fink To Illinois

Well, that was fast.

Matt Fink will transfer to Illinois, per sources.

I hope Fink did his homework and knows he is definitely better than the current Illinois quarterbacks and that Penn State’s Tommy Stevens will transfer elsewhere. Because when you leave, you need to go somewhere that you can play . . . guaranteed.


15 thoughts on “Matt Fink To Illinois

    1. Dear Pusley, you scrawny ferret:

      Why just the other day you were gloating loudly over the SUCCX regular season BchVB victories over UCLA. HaHax25

      ***UCLA sweeps the SUCCX VB chicks for UCLA’s #117 UCLA team NC.

      See Pusley, it’s not where you start; it’s where you finish.

      Andyain’twinning has shown himself to be a thoroughly incompetent SUCCX BB HC. Lest you forget Pusley, in the 2016 – 17 season, Enfield had veteran BB team deemed good enough to make and go a long way into the NCAA 2017 Tournament.

      But, but, but, that Andyain’twinning’s coached SUCCX BB team failed the make the NCAA dance. Oh no!

      Oh well, Dear Pusley, you keep touting SUCCX Pre-season BB rankings, but, don’t forget, your ranked bozos are required to play their games.

      ******He who laughs last laughs loudest.


      1. Owns, you stupid slut. The laughter is always loudest just outside the asylum walls…well in your case, it is technically louder inside, but only you have the inside poop…


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    1. Sears will definitely get to show his stuff at some —and probably several –point(s) this season. He’d be dumb to transfer just cuz he doesn’t go out for the first set of downs against Fresno State.

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      1. LOL, all Sears has to do is remember what happened to Max Browne.

        If Sears doesn’t start this year, it’s his last SUCCX chance. Unless J.T. gets hurt, Sears will sit on the bench for 2019 and wind up in 3rd place behind J.T. and the Freshman Tom Thumb for the 2020 FB season.


  1. Good for Matt Fink. I wish him well. He’s got a Bachelor’s degree from SC and he can work on a graduate degree at Illinois (which is a fine school). Even if he doesn’t start at Illinois its a good move. By staying at SC he was going to be relegated to the bench…so why not really compete for a starting QB spot at Illinois? No need Scottie to be so snarky

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