USC Morning Buzz: Coliseum Seat Fees Continue To Rankle

One of the perks when you work in the athletic dept. is you get a couple free tickets to football games.

But two athletic dept. employees tell me a new policy is in effect that makes the employees pay the “Coliseum Restoration Gift” of $500 per seat.

So the free tickets would actually cost $1,000.

As Lynn Swann says, “the change will come.”

16 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Coliseum Seat Fees Continue To Rankle

  1. What warm blooded & true USC employee wouldn’t be happy to contribute to the Coliseum Restoration Fund (administered by the Haden Family Trust)?

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    1. I’m reasonably sure that Helton won’t be anywhere near the talent this season.
      Speaking of Helton, the more I see him the more convinced I am he’s one of the three or four best pitchmen in America. Any company with a new, slightly defective product should grab him….

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    2. P. S.
      You know that Mike Lindell (My Pillow) commercial where he appears to the sleepy couple in their bathroom mirror? Just picture Helton’s reflection in place of Mike’s….

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      1. No, Pudly, actually he’s very useFUL —every time he posts, he causes us to reflect —which only strengthens and renews our allegiance to the team.

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  2. Scott —In more important news, HBO has digitally removed the plastic cup from the last episode of Game of Thrones.

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  3. Can’t wait for the lawsuits to be filed against USC for taking away the seats of long time season ticket holders. Much thanks to Ron Orr in the Athletic Department (and in charge of the Trojan Athletic Fund scam) for setting up this scam and power grab. He’ll be the first USC employee served with the lawsuits and deposed. Can’t wait for the videotape to be distributed about these thieves.

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    1. The way we kissed off the Niners when they moved from Candlestick to Santa Clara is refuse to pay the PSL. I gave up a 25yr 4pk of season box seats. To hell with the 9ers. Now the new stadium is at 50% capacity for games. We(I never went to a MBB game) managed to get the CAL MBB coach relieved of command also by staying home.
      Vote with your wallet.

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      1. Cal75 —Most of us already voted our wallets by refusing to go to the games while Wilcox was the defensive coordinator…..


      2. Thank you MG. He went on to bigger & better. 16M base gar-en-teed for the next 5yrs.
        Numeruno SC gets Coach Helton. You choose A or B?
        BTW, the PAC loves Coach Helton.


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      3. Wow, Cal75. Can’t a buddy take a cheap shot at a superior coach anymore without being called out?


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