Did Matt Fink Make Right Decision?

I hope Matt Fink goes to Illinois and starts for two years. But I have yet to see anyone do any kind of analysis on his transfer to Illinois.

Redshirt freshman Matt Robinson was considered the frontrunner after the Illini concluded spring practice, which is why M.J. Rivers decided to leave last weekend. Incoming freshman Isaiah Williams is considered the quarterback of the future. There is also redshirt freshman Coran Taylor.

So that sounds like it could be a good situation but to me, by no means a sure thing.

This is why I don’t have a problem with quarterbacks transferring to Idaho or Weber State or wherever if it means guaranteed playing time. It sounds like Fink will have to compete. Competition is normally good. Unless you are a QB who is transferring somewhere else and needs to play.

Like I said, I hope it works out.


6 thoughts on “Did Matt Fink Make Right Decision?

  1. Matt is a great athlete who organized summer practices last year and paid his dues in a myriad of ways. He’s consistently demonstrated an enviable work ethic and game smarts (when he had the chance). He’ll do fine …in life, if not at Illinois…..

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  2. A higher class player usually is better than a lower class player due to experience in the system and by age. if things are equal, Fink should start due to better competition at SC with the dbs covering the receivers compared to Ill. that usually does not have the talent like SC, except now the talent is going to SC. Fink will be fine due to the other two players plus the former assistant going there. The assistant knows the talent Fink is, else he would not have recruited him.

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