USC Quarterback Hot Take

This is courtesy of an NFL scout: “Even if JT Daniels wins the starting job, how long will he last with that offensive line? Everyone knows he doesn’t like to take a hit.”


24 thoughts on “USC Quarterback Hot Take

  1. I really tend to believe that J. T. will do fine with Harrell continuing to push him all fall practice to get rid of the ball faster. Ellis —who wasn’t terrible but came from a very different coaching tree —- slowed J. T. down by giving him too much to think about. Before J. T.’s FIRST game Ellis was saying ‘we’ll keep it simple at first (meaning what? the first 15 minutes?) and if he looks comfortable we’ll get more complicated……’

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    1. The coaches have been ranked…by cbs sports
      51 USC
      Clay Helton: Honestly, I think most of us were surprised we were even still ranking Helton this spring. We didn’t expect him to make it after USC went 5-7 last year and missed out on a bowl game without the NCAA’s help for the first time since 2000. Helton drops 20 spots in our rankings and enters 2019 on one of the hottest seats in the country. 2018 rank: 31 (-20)

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      1. As much as I criticize Helton, he’s a lot better than at least a dozen of the coaches ranked ahead of him —-but, you know what, I don’t mind seeing him drop 30 spots if only for the fact he stubbornly hung on to Callaway for so long. USC players deserve a coach that is at the top of his game —-and that wasn’t Callaway. [And I bet Callaway doesn’t even appreciate the act of blind loyalty on Helton’s part —- so it turned out to be kinda a lose/lose thing]…….

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      2. “You are what your record says you are”…right now he’s 5-7. If he pulls his ass out of the flames then he’ll move up again. But right now there isn’t any doubt about his seat being more than a bit warm.

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      3. I think USC will win at least 8 games this season (more if EVERY starter stays healthy —which is asking a lot of the football gods). But I don’t think Clay will be around in 2020 to see that upwards bump in the CBS rankings.

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      4. Check this Michael.

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      5. Hahahahaha, they’re not included in the top list either.!
        Oy vey! You are a simpleton. This list only goes to 65, the marvelous 3-9 (or whatever they were) chocolate chip isn’t listed period. Now if you check the aryan “brotherhood of coaching” magazine he’s on the cover.

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  2. Clay Helton has never put an emphasis on controlling the line of scrimmage, he has other big ideas on how to win a national championship. Forget the fact that Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Texas, and Ohio State win by line control, Helton rather implement Graham Harrell’s pass offense. No college football teams in modern day history, has ever won a championship with a pass happy, finesse offense, so Bozo Helton will be the first … 😂😂😂😂


    1. Helton is not an innovator or risk taker. He knows southern cal not producing top linemen but he has not initiated any program to develop linemen in local high schools. California Central Valley is more likely where big bodied athletes can be found. Need a scout for just that purpose there.


    2. It’s not strictly accurate to say Clay doesn’t appreciate the importance of line play. He’s reached out to some great line coaches —-but they’ve turned him down. Every year there’s talk of getting somebody who could help turn things around —but things don’t materialize. The big question is not ‘why doesn’t Clay appreciate the importance of controlling the line of scrimmage?’ The question is ‘why don’t first rate line coaches want to work for Clay?’

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    1. Thanks for posting this, Cal75. I hope Carr and Pittman see it. But, truthfully, I could see J. T. hurting himself if he did this for 45 minutes everyday for the next 4 months. Harrell will see to it he’s in the right shape to play the kind of football he needs to play [I’d rather have J.T. watching tape of Harrell when he was playing for Leach and Sonny Dykes].

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  3. JT will be fine and much improved with a coach making it much easier to get the ball down field. Not even Trevor Lawrence would of done much with USC last year.

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  4. The Ostrich sticks his head in a hole in the ground, Dear Pusley sticks his up his kazoo.

    “Hahahahaha, they’re not included in the top list either.!
    Oy vey! You are a simpleton. This list only goes to 65, the marvelous 3-9 (or whatever they were) chocolate chip isn’t listed period. Now if you check the aryan “brotherhood of coaching” magazine he’s on the cover.”

    Dear Pusley, you retarded parrot, I notice you don’t provide a Top 25 link. Why not Pusley?

    It’s amazing that you’ve seen the top 25 coaches list Pusley, because the author stated he wouldn’t release it until 5/8/2019 – tomorrow in parrot Pusley.

    BTW, I have reliable information that Andyain’twinning has dropped Stetson from his preferred, nonconf., cupcake BB list. According to my source, Enfield doesn’t wish to risk losing a home cupcake game to Stetson.



  5. Never understood that criticism. What quarterback likes it? QB’s with great offensive lines generally do well. Amazing!


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