Lynn Swann Is Being Seen

Even with the athletic dept. believe Lynn Swann is trying to make his profile more public in an effort to impress new president Carol Folt.

Whether attending a men’s volleyball game, lecturing high school students at Heritage Hall or a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Cromwell Field, Swann seems busier since attending that autograph show in Virginia in late March.

Do you think he will take charge next month when it comes time to fire-and-hire a baseball coach? I’m guessing he just dishes it off to a subordinate.


13 thoughts on “Lynn Swann Is Being Seen

      1. Man ! The biggest fan is the porcine pitcher is the father at the loading dock at XYZ Prologic in Carson….’porcine’…’bel-air tech’….’peckerwood certified’….”Nellie approved’….

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  1. If Carol Folt renews Lynn Swann’s contract , then athletic’s mean nothing to her, because Swann’s inefficiencies are glaring, and extremely obvious. He’s a weak leader who appears to be gutless, indecisive, and clueless. And that’s what the USC administration gets for hiring somebody with zero experience as an athletic administrator

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  2. Lynn Swann is the worst A.D. in college sports history. The idiot Swann is inexperienced, unqualified, incompetent, doesn’t care that he’s grossly overpaid and couldn’t care less that everyone who has watched him pretend to play the role of A.D., know he’s a joke.

    Lynn Swann has no shame, collecting a multi-million dollar annual salary that he hasn’t earned and doesn’t deserve.


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