USC Picture Of The Night

You just never know who showed up at USC football games in the past. Here is legendary director Alfred Hitchcock speaking at halftime of a USC game in 1959, where he urged female graduates to attend the Alumnae Day Picnic.

Hitchcock is speaking at the USC-Baylor game on Nov. 14, 1959, a week before Homecoming vs. UCLA.

Also in the late 1950’s, Yankees legend Joe DiMaggio attended a USC game with his former wife, world-famous actress Marilyn Monroe. The pair sat in a VIP section of the Coliseum. At halftime, ABC-TV wanted to interview DiMaggio so he came into the pressbox and went to the broadcast booth. He was not joined by Monroe.

10 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Night

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      2. If Swann gets through all of this, it would be a minor miracle. [I wonder whether he’s thinking of ways to leave in the near future or deciding to man up and leave on his own terms when he feels like it —this is gonna all add up to being a test of who Swann really is]……

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    1. Can we just hang Heinel by her gonads? She helped bring more problems to SC. One saving grace is, with her actions and Swann’s inactions, maybe she got him fired. There is always a silver lining around these things.

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    2. I remember arguing with someone on wolfs old blog when his being replaced and his suing were just starting. His firing was not needed, unfair and hope he wins. SC has more than its share of asshole admin people,especially in that political title 9 dept.

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  1. Ding goes the Vic bell!

    Courtesy of JosephineBruin


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