USC Morning Buzz: Another Deal Under Scrutiny

If you need another example of the Max Nikias effect at USC, here’s an article in Los Angeles magazine on how Arnold Schwarzenegger gave the university $20 million and got an institute and full professorship named after him to clean up “his raunchy reputation.”

Kind of like how $15 million got a residental college named after Al Cowlings. There was never such a thing as shame in the Nikias era over taking money for any purpose.

I can still remember making a comment a few years ago to a USC official about the unseemly nature of letting big donors rule the roost under Nikias and getting an angry response: “What do you want us to do? Stop raising money?”

It was always painted in black-and-white terms: Either you take money from people who need image rehab or don’t take it at all. You were not allowed to have standards or guidelines.

Ironic that in the previous blog post, I’m writing about Alfred Hitchcock showing up and urging alumni to attend a picnic. Now the famous are engaged in pay-to-play schemes to inflate their images.


32 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Another Deal Under Scrutiny

  1. What’s happening at USC in this regard is happening everywhere. I am not condoning it but its become reality. The Hollywood libtards (Arnold, Dr. Dre, Spielberg) think money can erase all sins and then they are viewed as significant contributors to the fabric of society. The $ means nothing to them, just a means of gaining good grace in the eyes of their progressive friends.

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    1. Hey Missing Link, Arnold is no liberal , you are the retard. What crime did
      Spielberg commit? He established the Shoah Foundation on the campus.
      Rather be in their corner than the absolute idiot right wing conservatives
      who only know how to hate w/o any worthwhile ideas for
      bettering society. Fan base at USC on the wrong side of the tracks with
      their money clouding any rational thinking.


      1. What crimes did Spielberg commit? Executive Producing Jurassic World: Lost Kingdom…

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      2. Let’s see? Hmmm well, I’d say omitting certain facts in his masterpiece ‘Schindler’s List’. Towards the very end, as the German guards – arrayed around the few remaining Jewish prisoners are staring down at them from the level above in that large room and decide to leave, Spielberg decided to not have those Jews holding weapons pointing at their Nazi masters lest anyone understand that’s a prudent thing to do with stone cold killers. Mind you said Nazi masters have their guns aimed at those Jews.


  2. So Al Cowlings drove the white Bronco in an effort to keep his life long friend from committing suicide. How does that make him a bad person. If association with OJ is so bad why did they display his jersey and replica Heisman for so long?
    Almost every building on campus has some skeletons in their closets (like where they stuck the Joe Bruin, Tirebiter accidently dragged off the field)

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    1. I get it —but Al and O. J. probably weren’t having a counseling session in that car…….

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    2. When Cowlings pulled into Simpson’s driveway, police were waiting. The sun set, and Simpson was still holed up in the car. Police didn’t approach the Bronco. Simpson had a gun, and they wanted to avoid a potentially violent end. Finally, two hours after police first spotted him, Simpson emerged from the Bronco. Clutching family photos, he staggered out of his car and collapsed into officers’ arms.

      In Cowlings’ pockets, police found almost $9,000 in cash. In the Bronco, police found a fake goatee and mustache with a bottle of makeup adhesive and receipts from a beauty store, along with Simpson’s passport and the gun.

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      1. think the Juice was heading for Mexico because he originally started south on the 405. what a night that was. I was chaperoning my daughters high school dance and EVERYONE was watching the coverage. The high school kids could have done anything cause no one was watching them. McKay called OJ and tried to talk him out of killing himself. Don’t know if the call got through. Cowlings was a good guy. Used to play poker with him at the Sigma Chi house.

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      2. gt —Fortunately, the brilliant prosecution team decided NOT to introduce ANY of the evidence you alluded to (cash, fake mustache, passport)….

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      3. Michael —You gotta hand it to McKay —he knew it was far from the popular thing to do when he later visited O. J. in lock up. But he did it anyway, telling reporters, “he’s one of my kids.” Whatever anyone thinks of O. J. (and, let’s face facts, he’s a murderer), there is not a single person on staff in the USC Athletic Department today with the guts to reach out to a player in that kind of deep shit. Kudos to the great John McKay.

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    3. Uh….OJ placed that same white Bronco, with a friend in said vehicle, at the scene of a double murder, uh…..uh…….watch OJs confession….uh…..uh…….Tom Brokaw reported the white Bronco, on the freeway, the following day, to be registered to Al Cowlings, on national 📺 ..uh……..uh…..uh……..what if OJ finally told the truth?….would he borrow his friend’s car to entangle him, or to involve him, or neither? Crimes of passion are no excuse…..the uhs have it….


      1. Maybe there were two white Broncos? Maybe, USC shouldn’t be glorifying anything remotely connected, up on one of its student’s dormitories and/or colleges. Maybe, God Himself, takes offense?


      2. OJ is ‘Ancient Mariner’ a well deserved – he earned it but didn’t get the sentence he did deserve. Now go back to that replica of Lenin’s Tomb in Westwood and keep believing in your demi-god the peckerwood

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  3. I’m still amazed that Max Nikias is still employed by USC , and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a hand in selecting Carol Folt as his successor… lol 😂 And btw, because the administration appears to be a Circus 🎪 just like the Los Angeles Lakers, don’t be surprised if Lynn Swann is signed to an extension

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  4. I’m still amazed that Max Nikias is still employed by USC , and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a hand in selecting Carol Folt as his successor… lol 😂 And btw, because the administration appears to be a Circus 🎪 just like the Los Angeles Lakers, don’t be surprised if Lynn Swann is signed to an extension. Nothing has changed!!


  5. Alfred Hitchcock may just be the most brilliant director in the history of film —always eager to share his dreamworld with an audience. But —hate to say it —in today’s political climate there is no way on earth he’d be allowed to address a USC audience…….

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    1. An awesome director known for a certain type of leading lady – the Hitchcock Blonde – and creepy voyeuristic storylines would have the USC administration near fainting if he ever came to give a speech at USC addressing the coeds.



  6. If Lynn Swann gets a contract extension, that will be proof that Max Nikias is still calling the shots at USC and that his plan to De-Emphasize Trojan football is still in full effect.

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      1. Your fucking mom is a troll.

        Dude, you constantly kissing Swann and Helton’s ass, shows how Gawd Damn stupid you are.


      2. Lying troll. The fact I call you out on lies doesn’t mean I’m defending anyone.
        Why’d you get run off the other site???

        Troll. 💋


      3. tebow —Nobody but nobody is all “in” on Swann or Helton (although it’s easier to defend Helton —he actually gives a shit). But the fact we’re critical of those guys is kinda different from wanting to agree with you that Max, working from a secret underground bunker, is working to blow up the football program…..

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      4. Dear Pusley, you colossal, lying sack of S**T. Yesterday, you claimed UCLA wasn’t ranked on the CBSSports 65 Pwr. Coaches List.

        Well, as usual, that’s just typical Pusley lying, BS, fake news.

        We know the Felony U came at #51 in the lower 40 (65 – 26) rankings.

        But where, oh where, does UCLA rank in the Top Tier 25 Pwr. Coaches list?

        DING goes the Vic Bell…….

        UCLA (3- 9) is ranked #14 on the CBSSports TOP 25 list – or 37 places higher than the lower 40, Felony U. We’re so sorry Uncle Pusly, but it’s clear Felony U FB SUCCX!

        #hahaha x 20

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  7. If you really want to find out if a celeb/public figure’s donation is out of the goodness of their heart or for their own selfish purposes, tell them to make the donation anonymously. I remember a few donations back in the day that were made anonymously without any fanfare or anything in return.

    Does anyone think the Terminator would have given $20 million if it was done anonymously? Arnold needed to get something back for his “generosity.”

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    1. I believe the guy who gave the money for the dorm named after Cowlings did exactly that

      On anyone notice the clown boy owns recommended his own post? Now watch him delete the ‘Liked by’

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