Illinois Just Became More Attractive For Matt Fink

Penn State QB Tommy Stevens announced this morning he would transfer to Mississippi State.

Stevens was strongly considering Illinois, so if that scared off Matt Fink, it is no longer an issue.

Now I previously noted Illinois still has three quarterbacks and it still might not be the best destination. But it looks a lot better without Stevens, who recently scored an invitation to be a counselor at the Manning Passing Academy this summer . . . along with JT Daniels.

9 thoughts on “Illinois Just Became More Attractive For Matt Fink

    1. The Felony U 2019 FB schedule equates to a 4 – 8 or 3 – 9 season.

      ***owns observations:

      1) Suppose you paid the hefty fee to enroll your son in the Manning Passing Academy. How would you feel if your son wound up stuck with JT Daniels as his Academy mentor? Would you allow your son to keep his new T-string mustache?

      2) What is the upshot of Felony U’s claim they will play anybody, anytime, anywhere?

      That’s easy, mega revenue takes the sting out of SUCCX humiliating defeats.

      #Crimson Tide 52 – The Elite Felony U 6


    2. I think I saw the same article, Pudly —–it sez something about how poorly placed our byes are. Dumb comment. Our first bye comes before we head to South Bend. And our second bye comes before the Pac 12 Championship.
      There is also an observation about how difficult the schedule looks before we come to our first bye. We do face Stanford, Utah and Washington —-but I’m hoping Helton sees those games as his WHOLE season. Win them and USC will be running downhill the rest of the way. Everything Helton wants out of life depends on beating the Pac 12 front runners before we get to our bye week.

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  1. Hey ‘owns’, what happens if Kelly blows it out of his ‘*&^%’ end @ Cincinnati and, even more, telling @ ‘home’ (in Paw=saw-duh-nah) against ‘dago st. and OK?

    See the problem bel-air tech has is that they have no one, not even that adulterous clown Sanders, to cling to, which is why they put up that gutless putz drek boy ‘the peckerwood’ huh?.


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