Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day

USC paid disgraced former medical school dean Carmen Puliafito $850,000 in severance pay, according to the Chronicle.

Might as well considering Max Nikias is still supposedly getting a six-figure salary and has a new office on campus.

14 thoughts on “Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day

  1. A mere drop in the bucket when viewed against the international media attention Carmen succeeded in bringing to USC’s School of Medicine…..

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    1. I love USC, but the hits keep on coming…Why did we give Dr. Carmen a nickel?!?! What obligation does USC have to give him a severance package? He was fired for cause.

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      1. Here’s my guess. Carmen’s lawyer said to USC’s lawyer (maybe the same one who advised Pat Haden to bend over for the NCAA —who knows?), “Unless we get one million, we will parade our attractive, motel visiting, drug taking client in front of a Los Angeles jury & demand 100 million!” Naturally, the USC attorney said, “You drive a hard bargain. Okay.”

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      1. Ha! [Owns told me a long time ago, “if our friend Arturo ever needs your services as a lawyer, no worries, I’ll pick up the tab…..”]

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      2. “One for all and all for one.” [A quote from one of Owns’ favorite authors, Alexander Dumas]…..


  2. Not bad, Dr. C.P. exceeds the bounds of bozo medical propriety, embarrassing the Felony U medical Ctr./Med school teaching facility in front of God and 12 thousand angels; he disrespects the already low hospital reputation by consuming illegal drugs, and fornicating with working women during office HOUR visits; and yet, Felony U generously offers Dr. C.P. a silver parachute severance of 850K to mitigate the damage to the good Dr’s reputation.



    1. My favorite from ‘the peckerwood’ was “I have a clear conscience…” What else would anyone expect from this gutless wonder especially when the entire 4th estate and ncaa did everything to protect his gutless back end?

      “I am jonniekins and I love being on Sam’s leash…!”

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      1. Jonniekins: 10 NCAA BB NC’s

        Commie Lush: Empties 5,537 pint bottles of cheap vodka to date; a certified Guinness world record.



      1. Commie Lush, did Mary Mags charge Jujitsu by the hour or half day + the stable stall rent? I’ve read that Mary Mags was a coloratura screamer.



  3. Easy. Was in his contract. Standard clause at this level. Remember, Max pursued him, so he was always going to have the advantage when agreeing to contract terms. Good for Carmen’s attorney’s. They earned their money.

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