USC Picture Of The Day

I wrote this morning about the controversial hit Mike McKeever put on Cal tailback Steve Bates.

Here’s another hit from the same season that appears to be delivered by Marlin McKeever.

And below is Marlin after USC defeated UCLA.

7 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

  1. Don’t see any “cages” used as face masks then…some QBs used single bar. Much easier to get your nose put out of place….


    1. single bar came out around mid 50’s,and that is all there was,I played no bar and single…SC still had leather helmets in early 50’s…changed those around ’52…after ucla,Cal etc…

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  2. yea verily I did ‘pillory’ the McKeever twins but hey ask yourselves is there anyone from bel-air tech that ever earned the same as these as well: Richard ‘Batman Wood’…Troy Palamalou…John Vella…Ron Yary….Ronnie Lott…Clay Matthews…Brian Cushing…Tim Rossovich….et al?

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    1. more like showed your ignorance…thankfully most of your comments are quite logical and spot on…I watched those teams play,there was nothing dirty …try getting into those real colissions and see where your body parts are during and after,playing full time on offense and defense…you owe them an apology along with their coaches.

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      1. Well gee whiz boyo I sure never heard before or since a university president feeling led to apologize for what he deemed a vicious hit but, after viewing the game film, Pres. Norman Topping felt it was warranted that game by those players.


  3. How about an article on Cal’s hits on Mike that ended his football days and life???
    Mike and Marlin were ‘real’ football players,on offense and defense, not ‘prima donnas’. I watched them both play and only saw football plays.
    They practiced hard and hit hard the way football is supposed to be played. In the previous article , an intentional,selective version was posted. These two stalwarts played under both John McKay and Don Clark.Clark left SC due to his father died suddenly and he had to take over the very families large business operation.

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