USC Afternoon Notes

Every year around June, the USC football and basketball coaches, their staff (and wives) would spend a weekend at Indian Wells Country Club.

Clay Helton and Andy Enfield would address boosters and then it was a free weekend in the desert. Well, we hear that it’s not happening. Is this part of the constant belt tightening?

 Could it be the Trojans’ 5-7 record in football and 15-16 record in basketball?

Could it be no one wants to hear Helton and Enfield bore the audience with their cliches and evasive responses to simple questions?

It’s another sign things are not rosy in the USC athletic dept. and that fans are fed up anyways.

  • In the college basketball corruption trial, Christian Dawkins was found guilty on 2 of 6 charges (conspiracy to commit bribery and bribery) while Merl Code was guilty on 1 of 4 (conspiracy to commit bribery ).
  • USC guard Shaqquan Aaron worked out for the Hornets today. Kevin Porter was the only USC player among the 66 participants invited the NBA’s Chicago combine.

15 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes

  1. Will someone explain to our friend across the aisle —Owns —-that a vote for Chip Kelly is not a vote for UCLA. CBS Sports knows that UCLA football is a misbegotten mess —the vote for Kelly is what’s commonly referred to as a “sympathy” vote…

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    1. Yes, total sympathy vote for the Chipper based on what he did many years ago.

      His winning record is something like .250 in the last few years.

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      1. It’s because he’s such a genius. He understands what we don’t….

        Losing is the new winning! Like with Charlie Weiss, he’s figured out what eludes the mainstream “anyone can win, losing with style while sucking hard earned money from boosters, now that’s the real trick..”

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      2. Pudly —You forgot to mention Chip’s ‘Secret Strategy’. Most college coaches can’t even begin to grasp the devious reasons behind those tight t-shirts that show off his large, bulbous breasts ….

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    2. Just shows that Own education at Cerritos ain’t what it is cracked up to be. Also, he really needs some dental work if that picture is any indication. Not to mention a lobotomy.

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    3. Motion denied mikey boy. It’s true, UCLA FB had a mess under Mora’s leadership. Thankfully, DG fired Mora and employed Coach Kelly.

      Thing is mikey boy, Kelly doesn’t want to be labeled a loser with the most talented team in the Pac-12. That self-advertised moniker belongs exclusively to Felony U and its dysfunctional FB staff.

      UCLA isn’t introducing a new offense designed by the new bozo u OC that, BTW, lost his last game at the New Mexico Bowl 52 – 13. ***Essentially the Felony U defense is the same unit the yielded a record 289 rushing yards to J. Kelly. ***Lastly, F.U. is stuck with JT the turtle. Grass grows faster than JT runs; and, he doesn’t throw the FB, he heaves it.

      Kelly is shaping the UCLA FB program for a FB NC run. Mark my words mikey boy, UCLA will win a real, NCAA FB NC b4 Felony U escapes the Pac-12 So. FB conf. basement.

      #Ding goes the Vic Bell


      1. It will be fun to see what USC does to UCLA now that our guys are excited about playing football again. It was obvious they had pretty much had it with Helton’s offense by the time they got around to UCLA. [ And they still almost beat the uclans with half their hearts tied behind their backs]…..

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      2. 67 —I wish Washington, Oregon, Utah, Stanford and Notre Dame weren’t ranked ahead of us. That’s a lotta teams bettors think are gonna beat us.

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      3. MG, There is still a ton of talent on the team, and Harrell was really successful turning around UNT, which was an awful program.

        I think it will be a much better team than people think.


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      4. 67 —I am optimistic, too. I don’t think it’s possible to overstate how important it is to beat Fresno State and Stanford, though. If we beat them both, are guys will be flying.

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      5. Just Rent,

        Thug U aka ruinville has been making a FB NC run since 1929. That is 90 years of making a run. It will be another 90 before they even have a .500 season let alone a FB NC.

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  2. MG,

    The issue is not the offense, but the defense. Pendergast’s defense could not stop blind players let alone that turkey from ugly. The defense has to close all running lanes. Lbers have to fill and not get blown off the line. Dline needs to shed blocks and get in the run lanes. Put 7 to 8 in the box and stop the run.

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