Schools Getting What They Deserve On Early Enrollees

Former St. John Bosco cornerback Chris Steele and ex-Mater Dei wide receiver Bru McCoy haven’t even graduated from high school yet and they are already going to be on their second colleges.

McCoy saw what a joke USC was in his first 10 days and left. Steele apparently did not like his living arrangement at Florida.

This is what colleges get for forcing recruits to graduate early and enroll in college. They get to see the warts and all and can leave with plenty of time to get a waiver from the NCAA. If they enrolled in August, what are the odds they leave before the season?

Coaches push kids too hard to enroll early and in these cases it backfired. Good.

More kids need to stay in high school and enjoy their senior year. Like Sam Darnold. It did not hurt him.


6 thoughts on “Schools Getting What They Deserve On Early Enrollees

  1. JT left a year early..
    But it’s not as much the schools pushing as the players wanting earlier playing time in most cases. But maybe some should stay for their prom and come in summer. But then what’s the percentage of the early enrollees leaving early, not high.
    But you’re right about this scottie, if the schools plan to hoodwink these kids, better to do it in August. Did you really just say that??

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  2. SCooter,

    Schools push too hard, but all the kid as to do is say, “Ceeya in the fall”. it is not like the schools are holding the parents hostage. Besides, kids are gonna find things that they don’t care for either in the spring or fall. They can leave in the fall as well. So don’t make it sound like it is all the schools fault. And for a moment I thought you were growing a pair, I guess not.

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  3. Steele’s deal is downright shameful. He requests to move from a kid who’s obviously not socially equipped to be around civilized people and the coaches ignore him. Gators are more disgusted by no one helping Steele. But hey,..Mullins knows the drill at Florida with these type they recruit…he recruited Aaron Hernandez.


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