City Baseball Playoffs Back At Dedeaux Field

USC knew it was a public relations debacle when it raised the rent on the City Section baseball semifinals from $4,000 to more than $18,000.

An new agreement has been worked out and the Open Division and Division I baseball semifinals will be played at Dedeaux Field on May 22-23.

USC might be slow to react on some scandals but it got this one fixed in time. Probably through the university administration and with Lynn Swann worried about something else, like how he can sneak in a round at Wilshire Country Club with no one noticing.


7 thoughts on “City Baseball Playoffs Back At Dedeaux Field

    1. Just rent,

      It is hard to believe that Thug U aka ruinville has not admitted to Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden’s cheating. He was the most morally corrupt person at that university.

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      1. I think they are still over at Sawtelle at the VA Hospital. Was a shitty field years ago, don’t know if they fixed it up. ucla has 1 NC and Trojans 12 in baseball. Sounds about right eh Owns? Please skip the rant on how many USC QB’s have started in the Superbowl if you can.

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      2. Not true, Pudly. UCLA works out at nearby Webster Junior High School —-right after the 7th graders finish gym period.

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  1. The SUCCX 4 stooges, Pusley, pt, missing link & mikey boy act moronic; somethings never change.

    Wait for it: Ding goes the Vic Bell!



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